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Smart Mini Greenhouses

S-Series is a range of automatic mini greenhouses, suitable for the easy and eco-friendly growing of your favourite vegetables, salad & herbs. With two climate control sizes to choose from, there’s something for every space, and every need. 

Ideal for gardeners who want the self-sufficient benefits of growing their own food all year round, but who aren’t able to attend to their plants every day of the week. Due to the compact size and nature, a S-Series Mini Greenhouse is perfectly suited to those with smaller gardens, or for growing on balconies and patios. 

Automatic Watering Systems

WaterMate is a smart, solar powered watering system, versatile enough to fit into almost any greenhouse or polytunnel. 

The automatic system waters for you using a combination of timers and environmental sensors, giving your plants just the right amount of water. 

WaterMate can pump water from a tank, or you can connect it to a garden tap.  It’s suitable for domestic greenhouses, polytunnels, allotments, even your vegetable and flower beds. 

WaterMate Mini: For small greenhouses up to 6m2 

WaterMate Pro: For greenhouses up to 12 ‘ x 18’ and polytunnels 40m2

Increase productivity

Self-ventilated, climate controlled mini greenhouses and a smart self watering system means better growing conditions for your plants.

We want everyone to be able to grow fresh produce at home, whatever the size of your space!

Grow all year round

S-Series Mini Greenhouses provide shelter, light and warmth for your plants to help you grow all year round.

Use them for stand-alone for crops such as chard, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and salads, as well as for starting seedlings early for spring and summer.

More success, less effort

The optimal growing conditions in an S-Series Mini-Greenhouse mean that you’re more likely to have success with your plants, while it does the hard work for you!

With a smart web-connected control system, the watering is done automatically, using a combination of timers and temperature sensors.

Environment & Education

Having an S-Series Mini Greenhouse in your garden will help your family learn more about growing plants, growing conditions, and the environment around them, and also more about the technology involved.

No ordinary greenhouse

It has a strong aluminium structure, with clear acrylic panels for great light transmission and temperature control, forced ventilation, and a high-tech smart control system.

Community and advice

You’ll join a community of growers who all share the same goals and aspirations. Through our community, and via the Harvst app, you’ll get growing advice tailored specifically for the conditions you’ll find in your Harvst greenhouse.

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