Harvst helps you grow more.

Harvst is the smart, Wifi connected growing system that helps you to grow more, all year round.

Smart, web connected, self watering, climate controlled mini greenhouses keep your plants nourished and cool in the summer, and using heaters and grow lights, keep them warm and growing strong in winter.

Whether you want to start growing at home, or you’re already growing and want more consistent results and more productivity from a small amount of space, Harvst is for you.

Increase your productivity.

Self-ventilated, climated controlled cold frames / mini greenhouses and a smart self watering system means better growing conditions for your plants.

We want everyone to be able to grow fresh produce in their back garden, whatever the size. If you have a larger garden, then you’ll get more out of less space.

Grow all year round.

Our Harvst mini greenhouses / cold frames provide shelter, light and warmth for your plants to help you grow throughout the year.

Use them stand-alone for crops such as chard, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and salads, as well as for starting plants early for spring and summer sowing out.

More success. Less effort.

The optimum growing conditions in a Harvster mean that you’re more likely to have success with your plants – and it does the hard work for you!

With a smart web-connected control system, the watering is done automatically, using a combination of timer, soil moisture and temperature sensors.

Environment. Education.

Having a Harvster in your garden will help your family learn more about growing vegetables, more about growing conditions, more about the environment around them, and also more about the technology involved.

We’re keen to help more people understand the benefits of growing your own greens at home.

No ordinary cold frame.

The Harvst smart gardening system is based around a robust, high quality mini greenhouse / cold frame.

It has a strong aluminium structure, 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls for great light transmission and temperature control, automated lifting roof, built in rainwater collection and a high-tech smart control system.

Community and advice.

With Harvst, you don’t just get a high quality piece of equipment, you join a community of growers who all share the same goals and aspirations.

Through our community, and via your Harvst app, you’ll get growing advice tailored specifically for the conditions you’ll find in your Harvster.

Harvst mini greenhouse
The Harvst "Terrace" model - a climate controlled, WiFi connected mini greenhouse.