How does it work?

For Microgreens:

Prepare the compost by soaking it in water and breaking it up. Fill the inner microgreens tray (with holes) with a 5mm (¼”) layer of coir / coco compost. Sprinkle your seeds over the top, and cover with a thin layer of coco, or if you have another seed tray, put that on and weigh it down, to give maximum contact between the seeds and the damp coco. When the seeds germinate, give them another day and then remove the extra tray. Keep the coco moist with a sprayer, and when the roots are long enough, top up with nutrient solution in the water tray which holds the microgreens tray.

For Herbs and Salad Leaves:

Place dehydrated jiffy pellets in the nursery propagator tray. Rehydrate with water. Sow one or two seeds per pellet. Keep moist. When the seeds germinate, reverse the lid on the nursery to give some air. When the first set of true leaves appear, move the jiffy pellet into a 5cm (2”) plant cup, and place in the growing tray. Mix nutrients, and fill the water tray with nutrient solution so that the bottom of the cup is under water. Keep the nutrients topped up so that the coir does not dry out.

As a Propagator:

Use the powerful light with a propagator to give your seedlings a strong start in life.