H- Series Indoor Garden Features

Vertical Garden

Modular | Versatile

Nutrient Cycle

Precise Nutrient Delivery


Grow with Seeds

Built-In Nursery

Efficient Propagation

Turn food miles into metres and get the freshest ingredients possible.

Embarking on your gardening journey has never been easier. We have drawn upon our expertise in automated gardening solutions to allow you to seamlessly integrate fresh produce cultivation into your busy lifestyle, year-round, with minimal effort on your part. The H-Series Indoor Garden does everything for you, apart from sowing the seeds!

The Harvst H-Series of grow systems combines a smart nursery for effective germination and versatile levels with automatic watering and grow lights to nurture a wide range of crops, from crisp salads and lush leafy greens to delicate microgreens and beyond. We’ve brought the automation and reliability of our mini greenhouse indoors.

As you get more experienced, or fancy trying something different, you can expand your system to include other indoor planting methods such as full seed trays, pots or microgreen mats. How you grow is up to you (but we’re also here to guide you along the way!). Our specially-designed trays accommodate a huge range of growing methods easily, fitting standard sized pots and garden trays for maximum versatility.

This easy to use and fully automated growing system includes up to three stackable growing modules fitted with a hydroponic watering system and LED grow lights. Elevate your homegrown produce to new heights with the Harvst H-Series – where innovation meets nature.


The H-Series has a small footprint, to fit into whatever space is available in your home.

Width: 82 cm
Depth: 48 cm

This compact and versatile design ensures that the H-Series seamlessly integrates into your living space, making it as convenient as it is productive. 

In addition, you will have your choice of white or charcoal, to ensure that your H-Series complements your personal style.


The versatility of our indoor gardening system is unrivalled. The modular system means what whether you choose 1, 2, or 3 grow levels to start, you can always expand your system with our extension modules.

Our shelving system epitomises flexibility, featuring double and half-density options that effortlessly accommodate your preferred crops. Want to grow a tall pepper plant? Just remove the middle shelf. Keen on microgreens? Add an additional shelf and light kit to double your production!


The H-Series is the most productive domestic indoor growing system yet developed. It allows you to grow a genuinely decent amount of food, not just the odd garnish for a stew or basil leaf for a pizza. With the extra lights and trays, an H3 system can yield up to two bags of salad a week.

The H-Series is unique in providing a climate controlled germination nursery, where you can manage the temperature and the light depending on the seeds you want to germinate. Start your season early by getting your plants ready to be transplanted into your H-Series or outdoor garden.

Year-round indoor growing with LED grow lights.

H-Series full spectrum LED grow lights

Growing all year round is easy indoors. Grow lights, nutrients, and warmth provide everything the plants need. Our lighted shelves are adjustable, so you can give seedlings a strong boost with close lights, then move the lights up as your plants grow.

Our LED lights emit a balanced spectrum of light, promoting strong and compact plant growth, ensuring that your greens remain robust and vibrant. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your indoor garden but also ensures that your crops are more resilient, produce higher yields, and are ultimately healthier and more nutritious for your plate, regardless of outdoor conditions.

Control the light timings on the unit or by using the app, with two separate on-times per day.

Self watering, so you don't have to.

Your Harvst indoor greenhouse takes care of the watering while you are away, and also provides a regular watering regime which helps many plants grow better.

Hydroponic systems provide water directly to the plant roots, minimising water wastage through evaporation and runoff. The result? A potential reduction in water usage of up to 90%, contingent upon factors such as the specific crop, local climate conditions, and how well the system is maintained.

The use of hydroponics takes water efficiency to the next level with a closed-loop approach to watering. This means that water and nutrients are continuously circulated through your plants, creating a sustainable and resource-conscious ecosystem. The H-Series looks after the watering cycles for you, and reminds you to top up nutrients in the tank as needed. With our innovative system, you can enjoy the benefits of hydroponics without the complexity, all while conserving water and ensuring precise nutrient delivery for thriving, vibrant plants.

The use of mediums like coir (coconut husk) and clay balls mean no soil and less mess. Among other benefits, these clean growing methods also reduce the risk of pests, diseases, and weed infestations.

All H-Series models come with everything you need to start growing: dehydrated coir jiffy pellets, net cups, and nutrients. This makes growing vegetables in our indoor greenhouses easy and mess-free.

Coir, a popular hydroponic growing medium, stands out for its exceptional water retention and aeration properties, fostering an ideal habitat for plant roots. Moreover, coir’s pH-neutral and sterile nature further enhance plant health.

Watering times are set on the Harvst app, from twice a day to once a week, for a duration of one second upwards.

Climate control, for any climate.

We’re not in California. Harvst is based in West Wales where, like the rest of the UK, we don’t have an ideal growing climate all year round. Plants love warmth and light, which the H-Series will provide in abundance, wherever you choose to put it. Every H comes with a heated nursery, for guaranteed germination at any time of year. Add windows for strong ongoing growth through the winter, too.

A full window set is great for protecting your plants from the cold, if your H is in a garage, shed or unheated space. Residual heat from the LED grow lights keeps the temperature a few degrees above ambient. The window kit comes with sensor-driven fans, to keep air moving which helps prevent mildew and mould. A combined temperature/humidity sensor is fitted inside the growing area which controls the fans automatically.

Front window installation

Manage and monitor from anywhere with the Harvst app.

Settings are managed directly on the system using any phone, tablet, or laptop. No app needed, no registration required. We do however have a companion app, which brings the following handy benefits:

– Alerts when you need to add nutrients or fill your water tank

– Data logging of growing conditions in the system

– Remotely monitor watering, lighting, and temperature

Join a Community

On top of all the automation capabilities of our web app, you can join a community of gardeners! Get expert tips, advice, and troubleshooting direct from us and other users.

The app provides a grow diary in which you can record and share when you sowed, when seeds germinated, etc. and upload photos. You can also set reminders for when to do things like sow more seeds.


Measures 82 cm (W) x 48cm (D) • Height Measures H1: 76 cm, H2: 117 cm, H3: 158 cm • Full Spectrum 10W LEDs • 12V/200W Mains Power Supply • 12V Water Pump • Laminate Plywood  Level with Adjustable Feet

What's in the box?

Construction & Automation

A sturdy, attractive frame made from laminate plywood in white or charcoal with adjustable feet for levelling. Where we have had to use plastic (mainly the watering trays, tank and windows) it is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Smart control system for automation and monitoring with WiFi connectivity.

Lighting & Climate

– Adjustable height LED grow lights

– Nursery heating system and grow light

– Sensor for temperature



– Hydroponics tray

– Water tank with pump

– Sensor for nutrient EC level

– Drain pipes and fittings


– UK 3 pin mains power supply

– Nursery propagator tray

– Net cups and net cup trays

– Coir jiffy pellets

– Formulex nutrient solution

– Complete set up guide


Reusability and recyclability is core to sustainable practice and the circular economy, which is why after each grow there is 0% inorganic matter left over, everything is 100% reusable. Following a harvest we advocate compositing the used coir pellet and root mass, so the compost can be used to grow more plants. ‘Waste products’ are typically a choice, and not ours. We have taken pains to make the H-Series from sustainable and recycled materials. The structure is made from laminate plywood sourced from FSC certified suppliers; wood is a greenhouse positive material with a lower environmental impact than metal or plastic. Where we have had to use plastic (mainly the watering trays, tank and windows) it is 100% recycled and recyclable.

In addition, you’re not confined to using proprietary pre-packed plant pods for indoor planting. This liberates your choices and gives you much better value for money – like 1000x better! For the same price as a plant or seed pod (which typically comes packaged in lots of plastic) and gives you 1 plant, you can opt for regular seed packets, with some lettuce varieties containing a whopping 1000 seeds. It’s not just a smart choice for your wallet; it’s an environmentally conscious one too.

Growing your own food is incredibly important in today’s world, considering how conventional food production affects our environment and contributes to climate change, not to mention the wastefulness of the traditional food system. By using our H-Series system and producing just one bag of salad per week, you’re saving just over 50 plastic bags from the waste stream– not to mention the reduced food waste from the notoriously quick to expire bagged leafy greens. Food miles are all but eliminated by growing your own, reducing your own carbon footprint. It’s becoming clear that if we want easy access to clean, sustainable, and nutritious greens, we’ll need to embrace self-sufficiency in food cultivation in the future.

Water Consumption: The 35 litre tank in the base will keep your plants going for over 4 weeks when young, and up to 2 weeks when they are larger, depending on temperature and conditions. With the Harvst app, you’ll get a notification before the tank runs dry.

Power Consumption: An H1 base unit, with heated nursery and lights on for 16 hours per day, uses an average of just 36 Watts or 0.88kWh. The most power hungry configuration – an H3 with double density trays and extra lights – will average around 100W through a day, or 2.4kWh. To put that into perspective, it’s less than a fridge or freezer – about 5 pence an hour (at summer 2023 rates *)

Additional customisation options for your garden.

Expand your growing space.

The H-Series is normally provided with one LED and growing tray for the H1, two for the H2, and three for the H3.

Harvst can provide a Mid-Tier Shelf Kit to create double-density growing stations– perfect for microgreens!

Expand your growing space by adding additional modules by using our Extension Kits (coming soon)! Make your H1 and H2, or your H2 an H3.

Designed for easy assembly.

We’ve worked hard to make the H-Series range easy to put together at home. We supply tools and a genuine English setup manual, as well as videos to help you along the way.

Visit our getting started pages, or browse our community support forums.

Create additional home storage.

The Floor Cabinet is best used for the H1 and H2 models to increase storage space under the units.

Protect your hard work from curious hands (or paws!).

Keep plants warmer through more of the year, or for cooler locations e.g. garage with the Windows and Fans Kit. One set needed per tier (e.g. buy three sets to cover the entire H3 system).

Only need one window? We have you covered with the Front Window Only, to keep your hard work safe from curious hands.

Perfect for microgreens, herbs, and leafy greens.

The Microgreens Kit – Single provides microgreens and coir for a single growing level. Get the Microgreens Kit – Triple if you want to grow on all three levels of an H3!

Our Square Pots Bundle (coming soon) is perfect for growing whatever you desire in your indoor greenhouse. Includes 8 pots and coir!


Why choose an indoor garden system?

The dominant factor for many people is the capacity and space efficiency that a mini greenhouse offers to the grower. Whilst compact in size, it’s usual that all of the space is dedicated to growing as opposed to a conventional, larger greenhouse where space has to be provided for the gardener to get in and move around.

They are convenient too and can be put into a garden and moved out of the way according to the season if that is the preference. Often light and highly mobile, these structures are easily put in a shed or garage for the winter if no onwards growing is planned.

What can I grow in my Harvst H-Series?

We’ve developed the most versatile indoor gardening growing system on the market to support a wide range of produce cultivation. Whether you’re an aspiring gardener taking your first steps or a seasoned horticulturist, we’ve meticulously designed our system to streamline the journey from seed to plate.

Garden space has been maximised to fit up to 90 lettuce-sized plants in net cups, or over 400 seedlings in compact trays in our H3 indoor growing system. This means that once you get started, you could grow as much as two bags worth of lettuce per week, year-round. This saves not only the plastic and food waste that comes with store-bought greens, but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Do I need a smartphone?

No, but we recommend you use a smartphone to control the automation aspects of your greenhouse. If you need assistance, please feel free to Contact Us or employ the help of someone you know.