Fresh greens,
all year round.

The Sprout 4-season growing system helps you grow salads, greens (and even some root vegetables) 365 days a year. An app-controlled, automatic, self-watering mini greenhouse is fitted with heaters and grow lights to increase plant growth in the cooler, darker months. An automatic opening lid helps keep things cool in the summer. And to top it all off, it does the watering for you.

Fully automatic.

Watering, heating and lighting are controlled by an on-board microcontroller, using sensors inside and outside the greenhouse.

All settings are managed using our free web app, for iPhone, Android, tablets and laptops.

If you’re within range of a WiFi network, it will connect to the internet so you can manage and monitor your Sprout from anywhere. If you don’t have WiFi, that’s fine too, there’s an offline mode.

Strong & safe.

The Sprout is built to last. These things won’t blow down at the first sign of winter.

Designed to protect your plants from all the elements. Tested in the gales of West Wales.

Strong all-aluminium frame.

Twinwall horticultural polycarbonate panels which won’t shatter or smash.

For every season.

As well as winter heating and lighting, the Sprout 4-season models feature automatic opening lids for warmer days.

Perfect for those variable seasons where you just don’t know if it’s going to be rain or shine, frost or sun.

The twinwall polycarbonate also helps protect plants from scorching in the summer.

Truly a greenhouse for every season.

Grow anywhere.

The compact size of the Sprout range means you can fit one into any garden or yard.

With the added benefit of artificial lighting, they also help you grow more in north facing or less sunny spaces.

Watch this space for an indoor upgrade kit … coming soon.