S8 Smart Mini Greenhouse Automations

A strong, compact mini greenhouse for any space.

Have you ever wanted to Spring to hurry up and arrive so you can get on with growing your own?

Introducing the game changing climate controlled S-Series – the future of sustainable and intelligent gardening. This groundbreaking automated greenhouse is designed to empower both novice and expert gardeners alike with a wealth of features that foster optimal plant growth throughout the year. This is the perfect mini greenhouse for vegetables, herbs, succulents, flowers, and whatever else you love to grow.

With the ability to control your growing environment you get to create the season! So you can propagate any time of year by simulating Spring with temperature control, or lengthen the ‘daylight’ hours to replicate summer in order to trigger flowering / fruiting. Our heated mini greenhouse will keep your plant’s soil warm and foster growth even when the weather outside is a bit chilly!

Automated irrigation provides specific and regular amounts of water, which has been proven to boost plant health, prevent disease, improve root development and ultimately lead to better yields and growth.

With the S-Series smart outdoor lean-to greenhouse, you’re investing in more than just a structure. You’re investing in the latest gardening tech and a transformative gardening experience. Unleash the potential of your plants with the perfect balance of nature and technology, all in one remarkable package. Start your journey towards an abundant, year-round harvest today.


The S8 has a small footprint, to fit into any garden, yard, patio or balcony.

Height: 150cm
Width: 65cm
Depth: 50cm

Our small greenhouse has a sealed, insulated back panel, so you can put it anywhere. It comes supplied with brackets to secure it to a wall, fence or the ground.


The versatility of our greenhouse is unrivalled. The S8 can take eight standard sized seed trays – or alternatively, use your pots and containers on the three* powder coated, 400mm x 550mm heavy duty shelves.

With adjustable shelves, you can customise the layout to easily accommodate a variety of sizes and types, from delicate herbs to towering tomato plants.


The S8 has been developed on the windy, gale-ridden west coast of Wales – it’s a strong, reliable greenhouse that will last you many years.

Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our greenhouse is built to withstand the elements. All units are fitted with a lid storm lock and door catch, keeping your plants safe from the outdoor weather.

*Each tier is rated to support 20kg of weight on a maximum of 6 tiers with the greenhouse properly installed and fixed down.

Year-round growing with LED grow lights.

S-Series full spectrum LED grow lights

Harness the power of nature with our energy-efficient waterproof LED grow lights. These lights replicate the full spectrum of natural sunlight, enhancing photosynthesis and stimulating robust plant growth. The S8 Climate Control model comes with six LED grow lights, which are fitted under the shelves.

Say goodbye to seasonal limitations! These let you grow all through the winter, or can be used at any time of year to boost the light in a north facing garden.

Control the light timings using the Harvst app, with two separate on-times per day.

Self watering, so you don't have to.

Your Harvst mini greenhouse takes care of the watering while you are away, and also provides a regular watering regime which helps many plants grow better.

Gardening has never been this effortless. Our self-watering system takes the guesswork out of plant hydration. It carefully regulates watering ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of moisture they need to thrive, reducing the risk of overwatering or underwatering. Our grow matts are designed for bottom feed watering with our standard dripper irrigation system. You can adapt your irrigation system to meet your needs with additional irrigation packs available on our website. The irrigation system is provided by a powerful pump to ensure effective watering and a cleanable filter to prevent blockages. 

The S8 mini greenhouses feature the Harvst smart control system with self watering.

A water pump and a range of drippers are included, all you need is a water tank nearby.

Watering times are set on the Harvst app, from twice a day to once a week, for a duration of one second upwards.

You can choose to water more on hot days, and water less on cool days, to save water when it’s not needed, prevent your plants getting water logged, and also make sure your plants don’t dry out when they are likely to be drinking more.

Climate control, for variable weather.

Forced ventilation to ensure optimal air circulation.

Here in the UK, we have such variable weather that no two days are the same, especially in the spring and autumn, when temperatures can vary hugely from one day to the next.

Our S8 Smart Greenhouse boasts advanced forced ventilation systems – this is a market first and is not seen anywhere else. These ensure a continuous supply of fresh air, preventing excess heat and humidity buildup, and promoting a balanced and invigorating atmosphere for your plants. The S8 will not use the fans on cool days, keeping valuable warmth inside. When it’s hot, the fans will go to work automatically to vent heat and prevent your plants overheating.

Extend your season with greenhouse heating.

The S8 Climate Control model is heated with three low-voltage, waterproof heater cables. Our insulated cold frames are equipped with integrated heating systems, to stave off frost during early season sowing and to maintain ideal growth temperature, ensuring your plants thrive year-round.

Choose the temperature using the Harvst app and watch as your greenhouse works for you!

Unlike other mini greenhouses which can quickly overheat if left unattended, the S-Series will quickly vent excess heat via the forced ventilation system if the sun comes out on an otherwise cold day.

With heaters on full, the S8 can maintain a soil temperature at least 10°C above ambient*, without wind chill.

Graph showing greenhouse heating temperature
Example heating data from the Harvst app

*For ambient temperatures above 0°C.

Manage and monitor from anywhere with the Harvst app.

Take charge of your garden’s destiny with our user-friendly web app. From your smartphone or tablet, you can remotely adjust watering, temperature, lighting, and humidity settings.*

The Harvst control system can connect to your home WiFi and record data in your Harvst account, which you can access from anywhere. Your greenhouse will update within half an hour.

You can also set your mini greenhouse to send you email alerts when the temperature gets too low or too high.

Our smart control boxes are mains powered and are provided with 5m of power inlet cable.  You can review your climate data and fine tune to your preference. Your garden is always just a touch away. 

*Will require the greenhouse to be installed within home WiFi range and and have the optional Wireless Temp & Humidity sensor.

If you don’t have WiFi available for your greenhouse, that’s fine too. The system will run with all other features in offline mode.

You’ll need a smartphone or tablet to connect to the control unit to update settings, when you are near the greenhouse.

Compatible with iPhone and Android.

Join a Community

On top of all the automation capabilities of our web app, you can join a community of gardeners! Get expert tips, advice, and troubleshooting direct from us and other users.

The app provides a grow diary in which you can record and share when you sowed, when seeds germinated, etc. and upload photos. You can also set reminders for when to do things like sow more seeds.


Measures 150x64x50cm • Full Spectrum 10W LEDs • 12V/200W Mains Power Supply • Electronics IP67 Rated • 12V Water Pump • 6063 T6 Alloy Frame • Polyester Powder Coat Resistant to 149 °C • 304 Stainless Steel Fixings • Heating Rated Down to 10 °C  Lid Storm Lock  Door Catch

What's in the box?

Construction & Automation

A strong, aluminium framed mini greenhouse with 100% recycled clear acrylic panels and three adjustable powder coated, heavy-duty shelves.

Smart control system for automation and monitoring with WiFi connectivity.

Lighting & Climate

– Six full spectrum LED grow lights

– Heating system, including three soil warming cables

– Forced ventilation fan system


– Irrigation kit with pump

– Drippers


– UK 3 pin mains power supply

– Greenhouse securing wall brackets

– Lid props

– Complete set up guide

– Secure locking mechanisms

Add our Wireless Humidity / Temperature Sensor for greater environmental monitoring and control.

The water pump is provided with a 1.6m cable for a tank positioned directly next to the greenhouse. If your water tank is further away, you can get pump extension cables and extra hose.

The S8 Climate Control model comes with a power supply that can power up to 150W of accessories, using three power outputs. Average power consumption over a winter season is less than 100W.

We're dedicated to eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

So what separates us from the competition with sustainability?

  1. Our greenhouses use 70% recycled aluminium in our frames that is manufactured in the UK and meets excellent standards of manufacturing and quality. Our powder coating is resistant to chemicals and UV degradation.

  2. Our acrylic panelling has excellent UV stability and clarity as well as being recyclable.

  3. Our greenhouses are UKCA and CE certified

  4. Our greenhouses are Made In Britain certified

  5. Our backing sheets are made from recycled plastic and are designed to absorb heat from the sun for ideal growing conditions. 

  6. Our components are repairable and replaceable. We believe in sustainable design therefore our greenhouses are designed such that components can be removed, repaired or replaced. 

  7. Our smart greenhouses come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

  8. Our greenhouses are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The standard operating parameters use an average of 80W of power. Which amounts to a total of £0.65 per day* which is less than half the power consumption of an average fridge.

*Electricity costs are calculated using the UK: Price Cap (Oct 2023) electricity rate of £0.27 per kWh (incl. VAT).

Additional customisation options for your garden.

Expand your growing space.

The S8 is normally provided with three powder coated, heavy duty shelves measuring 400mm x 550mm.

Harvst can provide additional shelves (coming soon) to support turning your S8 into propagation factories for more serious semi-commercial growers or for self-sufficiency pioneers.

Designed for easy assembly.

We’ve worked hard to make the S-Series range easy to put together at home. We supply tools and a genuine English setup manual, as well as videos to help you along the way.

Visit our getting started pages, or browse our community support forums.

Perfect for container growing.

The S8 Tray, Pot and Compost Bundle provides strong, plastic pots are a perfect fit for the S8 mini greenhouse. Plus, compost to keep your plants fed!

premium deep seed tray


Deep seed trays are a great way to grow salads, herbs and other shallow-rooted crops without needing to transplant later.


Why choose a mini greenhouse?

The dominant factor for many people is the capacity and space efficiency that a mini greenhouse offers to the grower. Whilst compact in size, it’s usual that all of the space is dedicated to growing as opposed to a conventional, larger greenhouse where space has to be provided for the gardener to get in and move around.
They are convenient too and can be put into a garden and moved out of the way according to the season if that is the preference. Often light and highly mobile, these structures are easily put in a shed or garage for the winter if no onwards growing is planned.

What can I grow in my Harvst greenhouse?

Low height greens that benefit from warmer controlled environments; spinach, chard, spring onions, kale, salad leaves, rocket, etc. do really well. However, you can grow a huge range e.g. start annual, semi-annual or perennial flowers, take cuttings. In fact, everything that you can do in a full sized greenhouse.

Just watch the plants when they get taller – the
S-Series has a max grow height of 1.3m. Many plants such a chillis, tomatoes, etc. have two distinct growth stages: veg’ing and flowering / fruiting. Whilst veg’ing the plants will typically grow in height and leaf mass. This slows right down when the plant starts putting its energy into producing flowers or ‘fruit’. The transition between these growth stages is typically triggered by the Spring to Summer change in season – which you can influence! So, as a rough rule of thumb, when your plant has grown around 2/3rds of the height you’d like, increase the light hours from 12 in 24 to 16 in 24.


Where to place a mini greenhouse?

The first question here is; On what? Mini greenhouses are highly flexible and can be sited on a wide variety of surfaces from soil, to raised beds, on decking, balconies or straight onto a hard surface like a patio. The choice of where to place your mini greenhouse in your garden is really yours. Or, you have the opportunity for gardening without a garden! Just make sure that whatever you choose to site yours on, that you have some means of securing it down or to something firmly if it is more than around 2.5ft tall.
Next the aspect in relation to the sun is really important versus what you grow. What we mean here is which way does the front of your mini greenhouse face.
South facing; This is usually the best choice but be aware that the greenhouse will get very hot during late spring and on into the summer therefore some shading and adequate ventilation may be required.
East or West facing; This is also a good choice for many as it strikes the balance between getting direct sunlight year-round and also avoiding full sun all day in the late spring and the summer.
North This is a good position for young plants, especially later in the season where they can be out of that direct sunlight. It is, however, not suitable for the sun loving plants such as peppers and tomatoes. For those, they can be starting in a north facing mini greenhouse or grow system and then transferred to a sunny spot once all chances of frost have gone and they can then grow on outdoors.

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes, we recommend you use a smartphone to control the automation aspects of your greenhouse. If you need assistance, please feel free to Contact Us or employ the help of someone you know.

Do mini greenhouses protect from frost?

Any protection that you give a plant is going to give a degree of protection from frost. However, even in the UK the temperatures can go down really low. According to the Met Office; the lowest temperature recorded in the UK is -27.2°C on 30 December 1995, at Altnaharra; and on 10 January 1982, at Braemar. 
Clearly at these types of temperatures any plant is going to struggle in any unheated structure. There are also specific categorisations of frost ranging from slight [-0.1°C to -3.5°C] to very severe [below 11.5°C] and the type of plant grown will determine its frost hardiness. There are good guides to plant frost hardiness by the RHS and how to garden dealing with frost by Garden Organic.
That all said, even an unheated mini greenhouse will give some front protection for your plants especially if it is on or adjacent to a wall or patio. It’s worth looking at the type of plant that you are trying to overwinter, where the location of your mini greenhouse is going to be and you can always use some limited heating to keep the plants just above that frosty temperature.

Where to find good growing information for a mini greenhouse?

There are a huge number of resources out there to help you from web forums, facebook groups and of course regular books. Our recommendation is to look at Dr Hessayon book on greenhouse growing.