A sheltered, smart, managed environment for your plants

  • Strong aluminium cold frame withstands all weather conditions.
  • Protection for your plants in winter with 4mm twin wall polycarbonate panels; strong and safe.
  • Self opening roof to release heat and keep your plants cool in summer.
  • Two sliding doors on the front, with easy-access removable frames.
  • Versatile growing space for containers, tubs, seed trays, propagators or straight in the ground.
  • Supplied flat-pack for easy assembly.
  • 60cm deep, 94cm high, 1.98m wide.

smart heated greenhouses uk
The Terrace mini greenhouse fits against a wall, shed or building (or freestanding). Here it's shown on a raised bed (not included).

Smart self watering, built in.

Gives plants just the water they need using a combination of soil moisture sensors, temperature and a timer schedule.

Dual zone watering via electrically operated valves, for different plant requirements.

Irrigation hoses with sprayers for bottom level and misters for the top level, expandable using 4mm irrigation hose and standard parts.

Web connected and wifi-enabled.

The electronic control unit connects to your online Harvst account, where you can manage and monitor your growing environment from anywhere, via a web app.

Or, if you don’t have WiFi within range, the system can run offline. You’ll still need a smartphone to update the settings.

What’s in the box

  • Harvst premium cold frame
  • Automatic lid opener
  • Automated irrigation system
  • Smart control system
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Solar panel / Mains power supply

Optionally add

  • Pump/tank
  • Heaters (for mains version)

What fits inside?

The Terrace model has one shelf across the whole width. It is angle aluminium, spaced from the rear so that 38cm x 24cm seed trays fit neatly. 

We recommend standard, shallow seed trays for starting seedlings under the mister sprays. You can use deeper seed trays for salads, herbs and so on. Up to seven seed trays fit on the shelf.

The bottom level is designed to take any large growing container up to 600mm from front to back. Four 600×400 Euro crates will fit, with some room for pots on the side.

heated mini greenhouse terrace
The Terrace mini greenhouse is designed to help you grow lots within a small space. It's easy to access, climate controlled, strong, and versatile.
heated greenhouse control system
The Terrace small greenhouse is a self-sufficient smart gardening system, with self-watering, climate control, environment sensors and an online app.
self watering system terrace
Built-in irrigation and self-opening lid give your plants the best environment for growing.