The Harvst WaterMate Mini allows you to water across two zones for precise control, reduced water consumption and healthier plants. Set timers to deliver regular and specific amounts of water when you want and for complete peace of mind program the temperature sensor to automatically trigger extra watering when it gets too hot.

WiFi enabled (will run without internet too) so you can remotely control and monitor your system and even receive email alerts for high/low temperature, when watering or if your tank is empty*. *Must be connected to home WiFi for alerts.

Your choice of power source

  • 100% solar powered
  • 240V mains supply

Your choice of water supply

  • Pressurised, high flow rate off-grid pump system which can run from a water butt or connect to a garden hose

What’s in the Box:

  • WaterMate control unit (approx 190mm x 120mm x 45mm)
  • Control unit mounting plate
  • Solar panel or power supply
  • Mini submersible water pump, 45mm diameter (for pump version)
  • An air temperature sensor
  • Dual electric water valves
  • 4m of 13mm braided hose for connecting the pump.
  • 10m LDPE distribution pipe
  • A selection of joints and pipe fittings
  • 10 greenhouse frame pipe fixings
  • 20m of 4mm micro irrigation pipe
  • 24 x pressure compensated drippers (4 litres per hour) and ground stakes
  • 12 x 4mm hose adapters
  • 10 x 360deg sprayers covering 1m2 each
  • 10 x 180deg sprayers covering 1m2 each
  • 6 x 4mm water taps
  • Web app for Android and iPhone

Optional extras:

Additional Information

Regular irrigation with consistent amounts of water has several benefits compared to relying solely on rain or hand watering. Here are some advantages of regular irrigation:

  • Precision and Control:
    • Consistent irrigation allows you to control the amount of water your plants receive, ensuring they get the right amount to thrive. This control is essential for different plant types and growth stages.
  • Water Efficiency:
    • WaterMate is designed to be used with a variety of fitting including drippers to minimise water wastage by targeting the root zone of plants directly. This reduces the risk of overwatering or underwatering, which is common with hand watering.
  • Plant Health:
    • Regular and consistent irrigation helps maintain consistent soil moisture levels, which is crucial for plant health. It minimises stress on plants and reduces the risk of drought-related damage.
  • Time Savings:
    • WaterMate saves you time compared to hand watering. You don’t need to be present for every watering session.
  • Disease Prevention:
    • Watering at ground level with irrigation systems helps keep foliage dry, reducing the risk of fungal diseases that thrive in wet conditions, such as powdery mildew or leaf spot.
  • Convenience:
    • Regular irrigation can be set on a schedule, ensuring that your plants receive water even if you’re away from home or have a busy schedule. This is not as convenient with hand watering or relying on rain.
  • Improved Root Development:
    • Consistent irrigation encourages plants to develop deeper root systems, as they are less likely to be stressed by fluctuating soil moisture levels.
  • Yield and Growth:
    • For agricultural or garden crops, regular irrigation can lead to higher yields and faster growth because the plants have a stable and reliable water source.
  • Adaptation to Specific Plant Needs:
    • Different plants have different water requirements. With irrigation, you can tailor the watering schedule to the specific needs of each plant variety in your garden or landscape.

Excellent customer service

Greenhouse watering system, pump and solar panel worked very well, allowing me to take extended breaks free from the worry of plants drying out. I use filtered rainwater from a but, all environmentally friendly. Excellent customer service helping me get the WiFi up and running.

- Iain M.

Worked faultlessly all season

This is an automatic watering system that really works well. Very helpful advice on the phone to recommend the right automatic watering equipment for installation into wooden greenhouse. The kit has worked faultlessly all season, and was controllable from abroad.

- Simon H.

Why choose solar power?

If you don’t have mains electricity in your greenhouse or polytunnel, with WaterMate you can still have powerful automatic watering. The battery is charged by a small solar panel which should be mounted outside to catch the most sun. Up to 10 minutes of watering time is possible per day in the summer (5 minutes most at one time).

Supplied with 3m of cable, extensions available.

Why choose mains power?

If you have 240v power, we recommend you use the mains version. You will be able to water for longer periods (if required … the pump can deliver plenty of water in just a couple of minutes), and won’t be limited by darker days in winter. You will be able to add more pumps / misters or even our LED grow lights, heated seed trays for propagation, or heater cables.

The power supply comes with 5m of mains flex.