This robust small greenhouse (with built in self watering and climate monitoring) gives a sheltered, managed environment for your plants.

  • Automatic watering system built in
  • Strong aluminium cold frame withstands all weather conditions.
  • Protection for your plants in winter with 4mm twin wall polycarbonate.
  • A safe small garden greenhouse; no glass to break.
  • Keep your plants cool in summer with the self opening roof to release heat.
  • Great access via two sliding doors on the front.
  • Versatile growing space on three levels for containers, grow tubs, seed trays, propagators or straight in the ground.
  • Supplied flat-pack for easy assembly.
  • Complete with back: fits against any wall, or freestanding. 
  • 60cm deep, 1.5m high, 1.2m wide.

What’s in the box

  • Harvst premium cold frame
  • Automatic lid opener
  • Automated irrigation system
  • Smart control system
  • Solar panel / Mains power supply

Optionally add

  • Pump & water tank
  • Heaters (for mains version)

Smart self watering, built in.

Give plants just the water they need using a combination of soil moisture sensors (optional), temperature and a timer schedule.

Dual zone watering for different plant requirements; sprayers for bottom level and misters for the top level…. or set it up your own way.

The system saves water by pausing the timer schedule if the soil is already moist, and prevents your plants from getting waterlogged.

Soil moisture sensors are an optional extra.

mini greenhouse temperature control
automated mini greenhouses uk

Control your mini greenhouse with a smartphone

Settings and system control is via a Smartphone connected to either the control box Wifi, or your home Wifi. With a home Wifi connection, you can also choose to receive alerts when the inside temperature is too high or low, when it’s watering, when the tank has run out, and more.

A wifi connection is not needed, but will give you extra benefits, including the ability to monitor and control your small automatic greenhouse from anywhere!

Worry free automatic ventilation

All Harvst mini greenhouses come with an automatic opening roof system included, to help prevent your plants from overheating. Unlike other small greenhouses, grow houses or cold frames, the Harvst automatic vent is a whole-roof system, to deal with the hottest of days.

No hidden extras here; automatic opening is standard equipment to protect your plants and help you grow more.

"I work away from home, sometimes long days. It's great knowing that my greenhouse is doing its thing all by itself on sunny days. And my Harvst app tells me the temperature too which is neat."
Susan Fuss

What fits inside?

The Yard model has two shelves included; giving three tiers of growing space. They are strong aluminium, spaced so that 38cm x 24cm seed trays fit neatly. 

We recommend standard, shallow seed trays for the top shelf where you can start your seedlings using the mister sprays. The middle shelf is good for deep seed trays; salads, herbs and so on. Up to five seed trays fit on each shelf.

The bottom level is designed to take any large growing container up to 600mm from front to back. Three 600×400 Euro crates will fit. Alternatively, put your Yard greenhouse on one of our raised beds and fill it with deep soil for root vegetables like beetroot or carrots.

What can I grow in a Harvst mini greenhouse?

Our small greenhouses are great for growing home grown greens and vegetables as well as flowers. Because they are warmer than the outside air, you can plant earlier in the season than you would normally, and keep harvesting later into the autumn.

We love salads, and with a well packed, well managed Yard greenhouse, you can expect an average of 4 bags of salad a week for much of the year. With our heated greenhouses, you can have fresh greens and salads all year round.

Other vegetables that work well include Radish, Spinach, Pak Choi, Carrots, Chard, Beetroot, Rocket, Herbs like Basil and Coriander – all looked after carefully for you by the smart automation.

growing salad mini greenhouse

How does the automatic watering system work?

An electronic control box monitors the conditions inside your greenhouse throughout the day and night. Temperature and soil moisture readings are taken, and when the system decides your plants need water, a low-voltage water pump is turned on. Water is sent to one of the two zones using an electric water valve built in to the irrigation system. The water pump can be in a small tank placed in or near your greenhouse, or you can use an existing water butt.

How does the greenhouse heating work?

If you have a mains powered, heated greenhouse, then you can plug low-voltage heated seed trays or heater cable into the control unit. Heated seed trays are great for germinating and propagating plants that need warmer temperatures – such as peppers. The heater cable keeps the ambient temperature of the small greenhouse up, helping general growth, and preventing attacks frost.