Waterproof LED grow lights in a mini greenhouse

Harvst 4 season mini greenhouses / cold frames are available with our heating and grow light products. They are powered by 240v mains. They are strong, compact, productive growing spaces to help you grow more with less space and time, all year round.

Heated seed trays are available as add-ons to help germinate your seeds faster, and help with faster growth during colder weather. They are safe, waterproof, low voltage and self-draining for use in the irrigated greenhouses. A low voltage heater cable is also available, to be placed in the base of the greenhouse to keep the air temperature up, or embedded in soil if your greenhouse is on the ground.

These heated greenhouses are monitored and controlled by the Harvst web app, which means you can check in and see what the environment is like inside, from anywhere at any time.

A mains power outlet is required within 5 metres of the control unit.