Your Harvster will need to be installed on a flat, level surface. A gradient of up to 5% (1 in 20) is OK. It will be best placed where it gets plenty of sunshine.

You’ll need to have WiFi available, so that the control system can connect to the internet and your online account. The Harvst control system does not run without an internet connection.

If you are using mains power, your supply socket must be within 5 metres of the right hand side of your Harvster. You can buy waterproof outdoor sockets if you need an extension, but we recommend you get a professional to install permanent outdoor mains wiring.

The flat pack system will come part assembled, and will need you to use allen keys and spanners to complete the assembly. Your Harvst app will walk you through the assembly process.

Download the user guide

A comprehensive user guide to your Harvster or Harvst automation kit. The Harvster build and setup guide is part of the app and is not included in the user guide.