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Growing your own food is such a beneficial and rewarding thing to do. Not only does it provide us with a food source but it also supports our well-being, helps balance the ecosystem and improves air quality. Here’s how it works:

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Start your Harvst account and use our forum for tips and tricks to growing that month's seeds! Plus, cancel any time.

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Once we receive your payment for the month, we'll send out your box so you'll get it at the same time, every month!

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With a new in-season pack of seeds and grow guide monthly, you'll try new foods and ultimately grow more.

What's in the box

Discover our Seed & Compost Subscription designed to make growing your own, easy. Never wonder ‘what should I start growing this month?’ again! Each box includes one packet of in season seeds, one 15L block of peat-free Coco and Coir compost, and a grow guide to ensure you have all the best tips and tricks from our expert growers.

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Potatoes and Herbs