Solar powered

Supplied with a compact 5W solar panel and built in battery, to power the control system and automatic irrigation.

Position the solar panel within 3m of your greenhouse, or add solar extension cables.

Solar powered systems don’t have the capability for additional lighting and heating, like our 4-season models do.

Responsive self watering

Our solar greenhouses come complete with a versatile irrigation kit, using industry standard 4mm micro irrigation parts. Choose a pump and tank option, or the electric water valves to turn on water from a garden hose connected to the greenhouse.

Drippers, sprayers, taps and hose included. Read more about our greenhouse irrigation.

App controlled

Manage all the settings for your automatic greenhouse via our web app – for iPhone, Android, any tablet or laptop.

And if your greenhouse is within range of a wifi signal, you can manage and monitor your greenhouse from anywhere.

Read more about the Harvst smart control system.