Free Easy WiFi Setup

Need help setting up? We’ll take care of the tech side for you! By subscribing, you get our Easy WiFi Setup service for free with every Harvst product you purchase.

  • All you need is a Harvst account, your WiFi details, and your order number
  • We’ll send an email with a form

This will allow us to connect your automated system to your WiFi before shipping and expedite the setup process. Please note that we cannot ship until the form is submitted.

About Harvst Club

If like a lot of our customers you don’t have the time, experience or perhaps the space for growing your own, let Harvst help you grow more.

Our subscription offers you a range of grow your own related products and services. The aim is to provide you with the support and guidance that you typically don’t get from retailers – along with greater value and convenience. As part of the Harvst Club, you gain access to special promotions and discounts with our partners. 

Ask the Expert

Our Ask the Expert channel of our gardening forum is where you can get dedicated and specific answers for any of your growing questions such as, “Why haven’t my Chilli seeds germinated? What size pot should I use for Tomatoes? What’s the best grow medium for…”

We have a team of gardeners available to answer your most pressing questions rain or shine, all year-round! Among our contributors is our co-founder, Chris, and @SimplyGrowFood. We have experienced growers using greenhouses, polytunnels, garden beds, and our own mini greenhouses so we can give you tailored advice, no matter how you choose to grow.