Hey! Are you ready to automate your watering?

You could have landed here for a number of reasons, but we guess you’re either going on holiday and don’t want to rely on your neighbours to keep your plants alive, or you’re fed up of your current inflexible watering system… or both. We don’t blame you, you deserve better!

WaterMate is a smart, solar-powered watering system that helps you spend less time watering and comes in two ready-to-fit-kits.

If you have a small greenhouse or growing space, the WaterMate Mini is suitable. For larger greenhouses, polytunnels and growing spaces, the WaterMate Pro would be a better choice. Remember to use the code watermate5 at the checkout to get 5% off your purchase!

If that wasn’t enough, you could get 10% off your purchase by signing up to The Service Subscription.* Not only does this entitle you to 10% off, but you’ll also get free shipping and access to Harvst Club. Find out more & sign up by clicking the link below.

*This is a 12 month subscription.