Smart self watering. Better for your plants. Easier for you.

The Harvst irrigation control system is not just a timer. Soil moisture and temperature sensors are combined with an app-controlled schedule to give your plants just the right amount of water.

Detects soil moisture levels.

The Harvst greenhouse irrigation kit comes with two dual-purpose soil moisture and temperature sensors, which lets you run your automated watering just off the soil moisture level if you want. Or combine it with a timer and high temperature triggers for extra versatility.

More water when it’s hot.

Your plants are a lot thirstier when it’s hot, so you can set up your self-watering system to give them an extra boost of water if the temperature has been over a set level for more than a few hours.

Multi zone self-watering.

The control unit can manage two separate zones, so you can give each crop the right amount of water depending on its stage of growth. Mist spray your seedlings and root irrigate your larger plants, for example.

Drippers, misters or sprinklers.

The Harvst irrigation system for cold frames and greenhouses uses industry-standard micro irrigation parts, so you can fit misters, sprinklers or sprayers depending on what you’re growing.

Every garden is different.

If you have a nearby garden tap, you can plug it straight in.

Or, if you don’t want to run a hose across your garden, any of our Harvst greenhouses can be fitted with rainwater collection, a water tank and pump.

Or you can use an existing water butt. Everything is possible; every garden is different.

Mains water (garden hose)

If you can run a hose pipe to your mini-greenhouse, then use our on-grid irrigation pack:

  • Mains water snap-on connection.
  • Solenoids to control the flow of water to your irrigation zones.
  • A range of irrigation pipes and fittings.

You won’t need a water tank or pump.

Off grid (rainwater collection)

Harvst greenhouses have built-in rainwater collection, which is intended to fill a 25 litre jerry can or two. If you have a water butt nearby, you could use that as the tank instead.

Inside the tank is a pump, powered by the control unit.

You’ll need our off grid irrigation pack made up of:

  • A 12v pump.
  • An inline filter, between the pump and the manifold.
  • A manifold containing 2 solenoids which act as automated taps, one to each of your irrigation zones.
  • Low water tank sensor.
  • A range of irrigation pipes and fittings.

Self watering for your polytunnel or greenhouse

We provide a smart kit designed for larger greenhouses an polytunnels that is designed to cope with larger amounts of water and longer duration watering cycles.  Take a look at out automation kit page for more details.

Read more about our automatic mini greenhouses

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