WaterMate : Smart automatic greenhouse watering systems

Peace of mind, productive growing, and less time spent watering.

The Harvst automatic watering system is perfect for domestic polytunnels and greenhouses. It runs using pumped water, using solar power and a built in battery. Soil moisture, heat and light data is used to determine the best watering times, making your water tank last longer and your plants grow better.

Unlike other solar watering systems, WaterMate provides enough power for a high flow rate pump which can water up to 40 metres squared – that’s a large greenhouse or a decent sized polytunnel.

Launching via Kickstarter on June 4th

What’s in the box

The self-watering system from Harvst contains:

  • WiFi enabled control unit.
  • Solar panel.
  • High flow water pump.
  • Two-zone electric tap (solenoid).
  • Two soil moisture sensors.
  • Braided inlet hose.
  • LDPE distribution pipe.
  • 4mm micro irrigation pipe.
  • Sprayers and drippers.
  • Fixings for aluminium greenhouse frame.
  • Web app for iPhone and Android.

How does it work?

The smart control box uses a combination of soil moisture, heat and light, coupled with a timer routine, to water two zones independently via a pump and electric water valves.

You can choose the settings that work best for your layout or plants, using a smartphone app. If your greenhouse or polytunnel is within range of WiFi, you can manage and monitor your greenhouse watering system from anywhere. You can also receive SMS & email alerts for high/low temperature, dry soil, low water tank and more.

The two zones can be set up with sprayers or misters to cover a large area with water (great for seedlings), or you can fit drippers to water directly onto the roots of larger plants.

Watermate mini greenhouse watering system

Want to water a mini greenhouse? The WaterMate mini is a slimmed down version, with a smaller submersible pump, a single irrigation zone and no soil moisture sensors. It can water up to 30 plants via drippers, or 2 metres squared of bed via sprayers. The same control box and web app give you management and monitoring, as well as alerts if you have a WiFi connection.

Greenhouse watering system FAQs

How does the automatic greenhouse watering work?

The greenhouse watering system can be programmed to use any combination of timers, soil moisture readings, or a “solar boost” for hot days. Each of the two watering zones can be controlled independently.

  • A timer lets you choose to water from 1 second to 5 minutes, from a maximum of twice a day at your chosen time(s) to once a week.
  • Soil moisture readings can be used to give extra water when it’s dry, and prevent timer watering when soil is damp; saving you water and preventing over watering.
  • Sunlight and heat data is used to give extra water on a hot sunny day; based on your choice of “solar boost” level.

Any of the three methods above can be used independently, or combined.

Will it run off grid?

Yes! Harvst WaterMate is a battery powered solar watering system, with a long-life litium ion battery and solar panel. Use it in the garden or at the allotment.

How do I change the watering settings?

Log on to the Harvst control app (a web app compatible with any smartphone, tablet or laptop), choose the watering zone, and edit your settings. You can do this remotely if your greenhouse has a WiFi connection. If not, you need to be near the control box to access the dashboard via the app.

How do I install the greenhouse irrigation system?

Harvst WaterMate is supplied with all the fittings and fixings you need to install into a common aluminium framed greenhouse. Using M6 cropped head aluminium bolts, pipe clips and brackets, you mount 13mm LDPE irrigation pipe to the perimiter of the greenhouse. Into this distribution pipe, you either fit sprayers, or dripper lines.

The control box, water valves and solar panel also fit to the greenhouse using M6 cropped head bolts in the frame slots.

Where does the water come from?

WaterMate requires a water tank or water butt within 10 metres if your greenhouse or polytunnel. The inlet hose is put into the tank, run to the pump, and then onto the water valves. If you have a tap in or near your greenhouse which you can leave turned on, get in touch with us and we can supply the kit without a pump.

How do the alerts work?

If you have a WiFi network within range of your greenhouse, the control system can connect to it, and will send data to the Harvst servers every half hour. If you’ve set your account up to receive SMS or email notifications, you can stay in touch wherever you are.