Automatic irrigation through the heat-wave

Automatic irrigation through the heat-wave

It’s hot enough out there to fry an egg on the pavement, can you imagine what it’s doing to your plant’s roots? It’s time to step up your watering efforts!

Soil is drying up really quickly, water perspires from the leaves at a faster rate than normal, and your plants are growing faster – meaning they need a lot more water. The more they grow, the more water they need! A greenhouse or polytunnel can get very hot when the sun’s out, and a rising temperature of 30 degrees isn’t uncommon. Beginner, intermediate, or professional gardener – getting the irrigation right for your plants can be hard. However, a controlled watering schedule can be the difference between strong, healthy plants and weak, pest-ridden ones. This is where our automatic irrigation system – WaterMate – comes in to help.

Harvst WaterMate is an automatic irrigation system that helps you spend less time watering, whilst using less water than any other standard timer. Designed based on what we’ve learnt when developing our Mini-Greenhouses, our WaterMate uses the same control system, sensors, and water valves – with a more powerful pump designed for irrigating a larger area with longer watering cycles. The WaterMate waters for you, using a combination of timer and environmental data to give your plants the right amount of irrigation. Out with the watering can and in with the hose, nozzles and drippers! WaterMate comes in two ready-to-fit kits, the Mini for small greenhouses, and the Pro for larger greenhouses and polytunnels. Both of our WaterMate products can also be used across your garden, flower beds and pots too if you prefer!

Why should I choose Harvst’s automatic irrigation system we can hear you ask?

  • Dual watering zones for versatility and extra capacity
  • Pipes, hose, drippers & sprayers included, so you can get going straight away
  • Smart, sensor based watering with remote management and monitoring through our web-app
  • Solar powered so you can install it anywhere – and it’s good for the environment (we do offer mains though if you prefer!)
  • Email alerts to keep you informed

It doesn’t matter if you hand-water or use an irrigation system – like our WaterMate – to get the job done, you just need to be consistent! If the soil is moist, but not wet all the way through – you nailed it! If it’s dry, you need to water more. If it’s really wet – water less, but also do something to improve your drainage for the future health of your plants.

Additional tips for keeping your plants cool during a heatwave

  • Keep a watering log. This can help you keep track of how much you’re watering and for how long so you can track how your plants respond to get the best results. Luckily for you, if you have a Harvst WaterMate – you can keep track of all of this through our web-app!
  • Move potted plants. Many houseplants spend their summer on the patio, but sometimes those patios can get pretty hot! If you don’t have a spot in less direct sunlight, try installing a solar sail or other shade to block some of the intense sunlight that’s drying your containers out.
  • Add mulch. Adding a layer of mulch to soil surfaces can help to maintain the moisture in the soil.
  • Morning or evening watering. For most plants, watering in the morning or evening when it’s a little cooler is best. You can automate your irrigation schedule with our WaterMate.

You can buy a WaterMate Mini or Pro here.