WaterMate : smart automatic solar watering systems

Harvst WaterMates are smart watering systems that help you spend less time watering and uses less water than a standard timer. WaterMate can pump water from a tank or you can connect it to a water butt. Go “off-grid” with our solar powered option or choose a mains power supply.

WaterMate comes in two ready-to-fit kits, the “Mini” for small greenhouses, and the “Pro” for larger greenhouses and polytunnels. You can even use them outside in your garden pots or garden beds*!

Alternatively you can configure your own Harvst automatic irrigation system using the Core packs.

*WaterMate just needs adequate cover from the rain.

WaterMate Mini

The WaterMate Mini automatic watering system is a complete irrigation kit specifically designed for greenhouses up to 6′ x 8′, or 6 sq m. It can also be used for grow-houses, cold frames or even outdoor pots, veg plots and allotments.

WaterMate Pro

The WaterMate Pro automatic watering system is our high power, high capacity system for large greenhouses and polytunnels up to 12’ x 18’, or ’40 sq m. It can also be used for grow-houses, cold frames or even outdoor pots, veg plots and allotments.

Smart sensor-based watering system

WaterMate includes  temperature sensor so you can automatically water when the temperature in your garden gets too high. WiFi enabled (will run without internet too) so you can remotely control and monitor your system and even receive email alerts for high/low temperature, when watering, or if your tank is empty*. Great for use with drip irrigation, sprayers, soakers, and any other industry-standard attachments.

There are 4 options: Mini, Pro, Mains Core, and Solar Core.

*Must be connected to home WiFi for alerts.

WaterMate Irrigation Kits and Cores

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    WaterMate Pro automatic greenhouse & polytunnel watering system

  • , ,

    WaterMate Mini automatic greenhouse watering kit

  • ,

    WaterMate Core (Mains)

  • ,

    WaterMate Core (Solar)


WaterMate Watering System Accessories

  • , ,

    Pro water pump

  • , , ,

    BioFilm Buster Pro

  • WaterMate Pro mounting board

  • , , ,

    Wireless humidity / temperature sensor

  • Replacement WaterMate battery pack

  • , ,

    10W solar panel


Excellent customer service

Greenhouse watering system, pump and solar panel worked very well, allowing me to take extended breaks free from the worry of plants drying out. I use filtered rainwater from a but, all environmentally friendly. Excellent customer service helping me get the WiFi up and running.

- Iain M.

Worked faultlessly all season

This is an automatic watering system that really works well. Very helpful advice on the phone to recommend the right automatic watering equipment for installation into wooden greenhouse. The kit has worked faultlessly all season, and was controllable from abroad.

- Simon H.

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