WaterMate : smart automatic solar watering systems

Harvst WaterMate is a smart, solar watering system that helps you spend less time watering and uses less water than a standard timer. WaterMate can pump water from a tank, or you can connect it to a garden tap.

WaterMate comes in two ready-to-fit kits, the “Mini” for small greenhouses, and the “Pro” for larger greenhouses and polytunnels.

Alternatively you can configure your own automatic watering system using the core packs.

WaterMate Mini
For small greenhouses up to 6′ by 8′, or 6m2. Up to 40 drippers, or 20 sprayers. Mini submersible pump, 10m LDPE and 20m micro irrigation kit.
WaterMate Pro
For greenhouses up to 12′ x 18′, and polytunnels up to 40m2. Up to 120 drippers, or 40 sprayers. Soak hose, and misters. Inline pump, 20m LDPE, 40m micro irrigation kit.
Greenhouse irrigation system

Dual zone watering for double the capacity, and more versatility.

WaterMate is solar powered, so you can install it anywhere.

Automatic dripper irrigation

Pipes, hose, drippers and sprayers included, to get you going sooner.

automated mini greenhouses uk

Smart sensor based watering with remote management & monitoring.

WaterMate schematic

WaterMate is a modular solar watering system, versatile enough to fit into almost any greenhouse or polytunnel (or even outside in the garden, if you want).

  • Solar powered
  • Pump from a tank or use a tap
  • Dual zone automatic watering
  • Responds to heat, light, humidity and soil moisture
  • Fine control over settings via an app
  • Email alerts
  • Optional tank transfer pump

For small greenhouses

For larger greenhouses and polytunnels