Autumn Gardening Essentials: Must-Have Tools and Supplies

Autumn Gardening Essentials: Must-Have Tools and Supplies

As autumn paints the United Kingdom with its golden hues, it’s the perfect time to prepare the garden for the inevitable seasonal shift. Autumn gardening provides an opportunity to set the stage for a successful garden come spring and you can prolong the growing season significantly by protecting your plants. Of course, one such tool is our mini greenhouses– automated to keep your plants warm and shielded from the elements as much as possible. To help you achieve a thriving garden, let’s explore the essential gardening tools and supplies for your autumn gardening needs.

Rakes and Leaf Collectors

The symphony of leaves falling marks the beginning of autumn. Equip yourself with a durable rake or leaf collector to efficiently gather fallen leaves. Not only does this tidy up your garden, but the gathered leaves can be turned into incredible leaf mould, valuable compost, or be used directly on grow beds as a mulch.

Tidying Tools

Prepare your beds and garden plots for the upcoming season. Pruning shears, hand trowels, and garden forks are essential for tidying up plants that have finished their growing cycle, making space for new plantings and ensuring a neat garden layout. You will thank yourself in spring if you do this work now!

Mulch and Compost

Mulching is a vital practice during autumn. Apply a layer of organic mulch to insulate the soil, enrich it with essential nutrients and stop weeds growing. Additionally, enrich your garden soil by incorporating well-rotted manure or compost.

Cleaning Tools

Before the winter chill sets in, ensure your tools are clean and well-maintained. Remove any soil, rust, or debris and oil the metal parts to prevent corrosion. Properly clean and store your tools to ensure they’re ready for use when spring arrives.

Storing and Securing Garden Tools and Pots

Secure your garden tools and pots to protect them from the harsh autumn and winter weather. Store them in a dry, sheltered area such as a shed or garage. Proper storage prevents breakage and ensures they’re in good condition for the next gardening season. It is important to take care of what we have already got!

Warm Gardening Gloves and Waterproof Clothing

Invest in warm, insulated gardening gloves and waterproof clothing to keep yourself comfortable during the chilly autumn days. Staying warm and dry enables you to work longer and be more productive in your garden. It can make all the difference in finding the motivation to go out even when the weather isn’t great!

Cloches and Plant Protection

Protect your plants from early frosts and harsh autumn weather using cloches or plant covers. These provide a microclimate, extending the growing season and safeguarding your plants from the cold. This can make all the difference in how long your plants will survive in the autumn! The S-Series Smart Mini Greenhouses are a great option to extend your growing season and harvest more, even as the temperature drops.

Autumn is the prime season for planting garlic, onions, and broad beans. These resilient crops establish their roots during the autumn, preparing for a bountiful harvest in the following seasons. Doing this now will also ensure that some tasks are already ticked off before the busy spring season sets in!

Autumn can be a wonderful time in the garden, especially if you have the right tools and supplies. You can set the foundation for a thriving garden in the coming year whilst breathing in the fresh autumn air!