Beautify your garden with Summer edimentals

Beautify your garden with Summer edimentals

As late summer settles in, UK gardeners can create stunning and productive gardens filled with “edimentals”—plants that are both edible and ornamental. We will guide you through the benefits of edimentals, highlight some popular choices to sow and those ripening for late summer, and explain how Harvst automatic irrigation systems and climate-controlled mini greenhouses can help you maintain and extend your gardening season.

What Are Edimentals?

Edimentals, a blend of “edible” and “ornamental,” are plants that serve dual purposes. They provide food while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden. This trend is gaining traction as gardeners seek sustainable and visually pleasing options for their outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Edimentals

1. Visual Appeal: Edimentals add a decorative touch to your garden with their colourful and unique foliage and flowers.
2. Sustainability: Growing your own food reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting produce.
3. Biodiversity: These plants attract pollinators, supporting local ecosystems (save the bees!).

Popular Edimentals to Sow in Late Summer

1. Spinach: Spinach is a quick-growing leafy green that thrives in cooler late summer temperatures, making it perfect for autumn harvests.
2. Radishes: Fast-growing and colourful, radishes are ideal for late summer sowing, offering quick rewards.
3. Beetroot: Sow beetroot in late summer for a late autumn harvest. The roots and leaves are both edible and visually striking.
4. Pak Choi: This Asian green is perfect for late summer sowing and adds a unique, full look to your garden beds.

Edimentals at Their Peak in Late Summer

1. Tomatoes: As they ripen in late summer, tomatoes provide vibrant colour and a fresh, tasty harvest.
2. Chillies: These add a splash of colour and a spicy kick to dishes while looking stunning in the garden.
3. Basil: Basil’s lush green leaves are ready for harvest in late summer, offering both culinary and visual appeal. Plus, it smells great!
4. Runner Beans: With their bright flowers and nutritious pods, runner beans are a late-summer favourite.

Enhancing Your Edimental Garden

Harvst’s automated gardening technology helps you to save time watering and spend more time enjoying your beautiful garden!

WaterMate Automatic Irrigation Systems

Maintaining consistent moisture levels is crucial for a thriving garden, especially during the hotter days of late summer. WaterMate automatic irrigation systems can ensure your edimentals receive the right amount of water without the hassle of manual watering. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the plant roots, reducing wastage and promoting healthy growth. Our systems automate watering schedules based on temperature levels and your timer schedule for up to two zones, ensuring optimal hydration.

S-Series Climate-Controlled Mini Greenhouses

Extending the growing season and protecting your plants from unpredictable late-summer weather is possible with an S-Series climate-controlled mini greenhouse. These structures create a stable environment, ideal for propagating new plants and keeping your garden productive into autumn. Our mini greenhouses feature forced ventilation and heater cables to maintain the ideal temperature for your plants. This prevents dry air, which can stress plants, and keeps conditions optimal for growth.

Tips for Success

1. Start with Healthy Soil: Enrich your garden beds with compost to provide the nutrients your edimentals need.
2. Plan Your Layout: Group plants with similar water and light requirements together for efficient care.
3. Monitor Pests and Diseases: Keep an eye out for common late-summer pests and use organic methods to manage them.

Edimentals offer a fantastic way to combine beauty and practicality in your garden. By incorporating the WaterMate automatic irrigation systems and S-Series climate-controlled mini greenhouses, you can ensure your garden remains vibrant and productive throughout the late summer season. Start planning your edimental garden today and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, sustainable, and bountiful outdoor space.