Become a Harvst Partner

Who are Harvst and what do we do?

Harvst are a green-tech company offering a range of smart, self-watering, climate controlled mini-greenhouses and irrigation systems. 

‘Made in Britain’ our products are ideal for gardeners who want:

  • the self-sufficient benefits of growing their own produce and plants year-round, but who aren’t available to tend to their plants every day of the week
  • faster / better growth
  • to grow crops they wouldn’t otherwise be able to
  • more control over their grow environment
  • to be able to monitor / track their grow environment
  • to be able to digitally keep a record of their crop data
  • to be able to grow / water off-grid
  • to be part of a community
  • a UK manufactured product

The list goes on…

Our mission at Harvst is to help people grow more and do so in a more sustainable way, by reducing food miles, waste, packaging and chemicals used. We actively look for other businesses who share our values, to partner with and support.

Want to know how to get involved?

There are a few ways to Partner with Harvst:

Reseller – this is the traditional retail / trade partnership allowing our partners to either become a stockist, or benefit from Harvst’s drop-ship setup.

Referrer – this is our ambassador program allowing our partners to make offers and earn commission on any referrals.

Harvst Club – this is a community based club powered by our customers, which provides cross-promotion opportunities for affiliated partners.

These partnership options are not exclusive, e.g. you may wish to be a Referrer and also benefit from the cross-promotion of Harvst Club.

If you would like to find out more about partnering with us, please either email us at or leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch.