We’re here to help you grow more.

Our mission is to help more people grow more at home.

Whether that’s flowers, vegetables, herbs, succulents … anything. The benefits of growing your own food at home are wide-ranging; from reduced food miles, less single-use plastic (think of all those salad bags), fresher taste, and of course the immense satisfaction of harvest-to-table in just minutes.

We build strong, safe, self watering mini greenhouses, and solar powered automatic watering systems.

Automatic mini greenhouses

Looking for a mini greenhouse to extend your growing season, or to look after your plants while you’re away?

Smart watering irrigation systems

Looking for an automatic, solar watering system that responds to the environment to give your plants just the right amount of water?

Indoor gardening systems

Looking for an indoor propagation and growing machine that will grant you easy access to your veg and herbs?