Coming Soon: Indoor Grow System

Coming Soon: Indoor Grow System

We’ve been working hard here at Harvst, and something is growing! 

It’s coming to the end of the summer gardening season, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Growing indoors has become a lot easier and more productive, with the soon to be released Harvst indoor garden.

This easy to use and fully automated growing system will include up to three stackable growing modules fitted with a hydroponic watering system and LED grow lights. 

Hydroponic growing means no soil is needed—plants can be grown with clean, inert, and reusable growing media such as coir or clay balls. How you grow is up to you whether it’s growing trays, small pots, net cups, or bottom watering.

Unlike most other indoor growing systems, which need your whole house to be warm, the Harvst system can be fitted with heating to keep your plants at the optimum growing temperature all through winter. This also makes it great for cooler houses, garages or even the shed.

What makes this smart garden special is its dedicated nursery for giving your plants the best start in life. A drawer in the base is equipped with grow lights and independent heating for faster germination. This will help you to produce strong, healthy seedlings to transplant into your garden or into the system’s growing trays.

Just like our mini greenhouses, the indoor vertical farm will be capable of in-app monitoring and maintenance. The web app also provides a grow diary and forum to engage with the Harvst community for tips, tricks, and support. With our Just the Service, Grow Your Own Monthly, or the coming soon Grow Your Own Indoors subscription, you will get exclusive access to our Ask the Expert channel for advice and help should you need it. 

We’ll be introducing the new product through Kickstarter with a limited number of special deals for our early adopters. Sign up to be in with a chance of getting these. We’ll soon be sending out a survey to get your feedback so you can help design the perfect indoor growing environment for your space.

We’re excited to introduce this product to you and greatly appreciate all of your continued support in our journey!

Continue to grow more,

Team Harvst 🌱