Customer Spotlight: Kevin Woo’s Mini Greenhouse

Customer Spotlight: Kevin Woo’s Mini Greenhouse

Kevin Woo from London, is an amateur gardener and came across Harvst when looking for a product to help with his forgetfulness when it came to gardening. With a self opening lid and automatic watering the Solar S24 mini greenhouse was the perfect choice!

What problems/challenges in your growing journey were you looking to solve that led you on the search for a greenhouse?

I have always liked the idea of growing my own food. I have grown herbs in the past, and I’ve tried planting seeds in my cheap, wooden mini greenhouse – but they mostly fail! The problem is, I always forget to water them. I leave the seedings in the greenhouse and they will be there for months and be forgotten, not to mention the damage the heat can do in the summer months! All the effort to start the seedlings for them to get baked in there like a sauna when I forgot about them was the reason I wanted something better.

How did you find out about Harvst?

I came across Harvst on social media when they were doing the Kickstarter campaign. I thought it was a great idea, and I am proud to be one of the early supporters.

Which Harvst products do you have? 

I have the S24 Mini Greenhouse and the solar version of the WaterMate Mini.

What made you try our product over other mini-greenhouses?

I am an amateur gardener and I live in London. I liked the idea of growing my own food, and started looking for a sturdy and good looking addition to my garden. I chose Harvst over other brands because I like the idea of growing my own food with the help of automatic controls, as I can do my gardening around my schedule – controlling it remotely.

One of the main selling points for me was the self-opening lid, I love it! I had a small wooden mini greenhouse before and I always forgot to open the top, and of course – my plants suffered the consequences. I was banned from gardening in the summer as a result!

How has our mini-greenhouse solved your gardening challenges and/or elevated your growing experience?

I have to be honest the initial setup process was a bit of a mission, but I wanted to set up the greenhouse correctly and the time was well spent as it has totally changed how I grow.

Recently, I’ve started growing micro greens and it is so easy to use! Just plant your desired vegetables, herbs or micro greens and (almost) forget about them! The Harvst web app reminds me when the water butt is empty so my plants will never be without water. In this year’s heatwave it helped a lot to know that my greenhouse wouldn’t overheat thanks to the auto vent.

What are the 3 biggest things you love about Harvst?

  • A Welsh company (my husband is Welsh – it’s the best!)
  • They have a great product and vision, especially for an amateur gardener
  • Really helpful support from the team

What are the 3 biggest things you love about your mini-greenhouses?

What would you say to other people considering us?

If you are a newbie looking to grow your own food, then Harvst is your choice! The mini greenhouses are stylish, small, yet capable. You will love it and you’ll be surprised how much you can grow in this mini powerhouse – it really is worth the money!