Customer Spotlight: Martina Holgersson’s Mini Greenhouse

Customer Spotlight: Martina Holgersson’s Mini Greenhouse

Martina Holgersson grows enough food for her family to be self-sufficient on vegetables and berries all year round. Not only has it changed the way they eat, it has completely transformed their lives to happier, healthier and more sustainable ones. The proud owner of a Sprout S10, Martina had a chat with us about her growing journey and how our mini-greenhouse helps her achieve her growing goals.

How did you find out about Harvst?

I found Harvst on Instagram when they had just launched, and instantly thought it was a great product and company!

What challenges in your growing journey were you looking to solve that let you to want a mini-greenhouse?

I grow food all year around, and with that comes certain challenges. It’s not the cold thats the biggest issue in winter, but the lack of light. Heavy rain and strong winds is also a problem. A 4-Season Sprout mini-greenhouse solves all of these issues as it protects the plants, keeps them warm, and provides the right amount of water and light!

Which Harvst product do you have and what made you want that specific one?

I have one of the very first models that are no longer available, and I also have an S10. The S10 is perfect for my space as it has a small footprint, but a very generous growing space.

How have our Mini-Greenhouses solved your gardening challenges and/or elevated your growing experience?

It is invaluable in my self-sufficiency journey as I can easily grow food in winter, start seedlings early and use it as a super efficient seedling factory throughout the year.

What are the main benefits of using an all-season mini-greenhouse?

Harvesting fresh food every day of the year is a dream come true! That feeling is something I wish everyone could experience. The Sprout mini-greenhouses make it very easy and simple to grow food!

What are some of the main benefits of using a Sprout Mini Greenhouse?

  • Being able to grow food all year round
  • The plants get everything they need, when they need it
  • It is automated! You can go on holiday with no worries
  • The plants are protected from the elements which is absolutely invaluable
  • It has a small footprint, but fits a lot of plants inside

What are the 3 biggest things you love about Harvst?

  • Fantastic ethos
  • A great team with the customer in focus
  • Sustainability & quality is of utmost importance

What are the 3 biggest things you love about your Sprout Mini Greenhouse?

  • Fully automated
  • Very adaptable to your needs
  • Gives your plants what they need when they need it, and therefore produces the very best plants

What would you say to other people considering Harvst?

It is an investment in yourself that is worth doing! Growing your own food and harvesting fresh every day can be life-changing, and Harvst is THE company to help you do so.