Early mistakes to avoid in your mini greenhouse

Mistake to avoid with your new mini greenhouse

Early mistakes to avoid in your mini greenhouse

Congratulations you have gone for it, you have purchased your new mini greenhouse and we hope that you enjoy using it from wherever you have bought it.  You have it constructed and want to get growing, that’s understandable but just before you do, a few words of caution that will help you along the way.

#1 please don’t plant up the entire thing at once. Everyone admires someone whose keen but if you do plant all at once, you will need up with loads of plants to do all at once when the plants have germinated, again when they need thinning, again at transplanting and finally when you come to Harvst them. Much better to plant a little at a time.

For example, if you are filling a whole seed tray you don’t necessarily need to fill it with one plant type.  You can subdivide the tray in to, 2, 3 or even 4 and have different varieties growing in smaller quantities.  Just remember to label well.

#2 Don’t be tempted to use old compost unless you really have to.  Better to grow in a fresh growing medium each time.  As the plants grow they suck out the nutrients from their compost or growing medium leaving it depleted.  The next time you try in that same compost, seeds may well germinate but are highly likely to fade or die fairly quickly.  At the very least they will be slow to grow and not very happy.

#3 Don’t use too much heat. Firstly, compost does dry out and, depending upon the type, it dries at different rates, that gives you more watering to do unless you have Harvst automated watering.  Having soil moisture readings on an automated system will greatly assist in knowing what is going on. Too much heat also doesn’t help germinating seeds, for example, lettuce seeds won’t germinate above around 22 degrees Celsius and all seeds have their limitations.  Go gentle with the heat and remember #5.

#4 Share the experience.

There is loads of great gardening advice out there and tonnes of forums, Facebook groups and more. Join some, get reading and contributing and you will find that you can easily pick out what to do and apply it. You will help others too by sharing your experiences and by doing so you support others and they support you. We have forums at grow.harvst.co.uk so post us your questions and contribute with your experience too.

The Harvst App also helps by giving you reminders on what is likely to need doing with your plants as you go along.

#5 Be patient.

Dependent on the time of year, plants grow reasonably slowly.  The joy is in bringing them on a bit at a time until either the flowers actually come out or you pick, pull or otherwise Harvst your food.  There will be some trials and tribulations on the way but the achievement isn’t actually all in the end but also in the journey to get there. A cup of tea or coffee and a nose through your mini greenhouse seeing what has changed is more relaxing than a quick flick through your social media and better for your mental health. Be patient, the seeds will come up, and if not better luck next time.