Frequently Asked Questions

What can I grow in my Harvst mini-greenhouse?

Low height greens that benefit from warmer controlled environments; spinach, chard, spring onions, kale, salad leaves, rocket.  You can grow start annual, semi annual or perennial flowers, take cuttings, in fact everything that you can do in a full sized greenhouse. Just watch the plants when they get taller. Taller plants such as tomatoes may outgrow the Terrace , but will be great in the Yard dependent upon the variety.

How do I put things in it? Pots? Soil? What?

Most people will fill their box with soil (perhaps in a raised bed) but deep pots or containers are also ok. It depends on what you’re growing. Some people put tomatoes into grow bags which could sit straight on concrete.  We recommend deep seed trays on the upper levels and grow tubs in the base.

Where should it be in my garden – sun? shade? mix of both?

Generally we’d recommend putting your Harvst greenhouse in a place where it gets lots of sun and warmth. In the summer, it will open up and keep relatively cool, but in the winter, you want every bit of light and warmth you can get. It can be either on concrete (put it on a raised bed at least 12” deep if possible, or use deep containers), or straight on the ground, with at least 12” soil underneath it for the roots. Please note that we recommend that you secure your min-greenhouse to something for security in high winds eg a fence, wall or to the floor.

What can I put on the shelf?

The shelf is handy for putting seedling trays or propagation boxes and you can grow smaller plants like salad, spinach and more to full size on these shelves.

Can I get a Harvst ‘grow kit’ – like seeds, soil, instructions for my first Harvst?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned.

How much soil do I need?

A full size Harvst greenhouse filled 20cm deep will take about 500kg of soil.

Do I need special skills or tools to build it?

No, just the tools that come in the box.

Isn’t an electrician needed to run power in the garden?

The equipment that we provide is safe and tested. Inside, the Harvst greenhouses are powered by low voltage which is much safer than mains voltage. It does mean that we don’t have quite the firepower for heating and lighting that you would have if you were directly connected to the mains, but low voltage is safe and convenient.