Five Benefits to Vertical Growing

Five Benefits to Vertical Growing

To celebrate our new partnership with vertical farm scientists and experts Vertikit, we wanted to talk a little bit more about the numerous benefits that come with Vertical growing. But first…

What is Vertical Growing/ Farming?

Verical farming is becoming increasingly popular, with less land space needed to grow more food it brings benefits to the environment with less natural resource use. Vertical gardening saves a lot of space and has benefits in managing a smaller controlled environment .

Growing vertically isn’t just just for farmers though! For those with little outdoor space and wanting to yield as much as they can from their plants – vertical gardening is the perfect option. With all that being said, let’s talk about the benefits to this form of gardening.

1. Grow Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits to vertical growing is that you can grow in places that you would never usually be able to such as balconies, roof terraces or even in a conservatory.

2. Easy Maintenance

Weeds are much less of an issue with vertical growing and are almost non-existent – especially in a Sprout mini greenhouses.

3. Sun, sun, sun!

Do you have one spot in your garden that is perfect for gardening but you get frustrated that you can only grow one crop there at a time? Now those spaces become even more special and grow a lot more there.

4. Disease and Pest Prevention

Soilborne funguses and diseases spread much less easily when growing vertically, there’s also less risks to rotting when on the ground. Having issues with ground dwelling pests? They can’t get you if they’re not on the ground… Sprout mini greenhouses also ensure that there’s great ventilation for plants to present disease.

5. Bigger Harvests

With more space comes more tasty food, and what’s better than that!

How Can I Get Involved?

There’s a couple of ways that you can make the most of your space and start growing vertically!

  • Living Walls
    If you can add a panel or trellis to your wall, you can add attach some pots with different herbs and plants to grow.
  • Containers
    Use homemade containers or store bought grow bags to add depth to your garden.
  • Sprout Mini Greenhouses
    Our Sprout mini greenhouses in S6, S10 and S24 are made for vertical growing! The removable mesh shelves mean that you can pack them full of greens. Grow all year around with this vertical growing method.