From Cowshed to Toolshed: The Big Move

The Big Move and a new lick of paint

From Cowshed to Toolshed: The Big Move

As many of you may know, Harvst started in the garden of one of our co-founders (Chris), with a growing experiment to create an automated mini-greenhouse that could use smart irrigation, with the power of app to control the unit from anywhere in the world.

Goodbye to the Barn/ Cowshed where many Harvst units were built!

Before long though, it became much more than that – a team of five was formed and we ended up spreading our operation across three different sites: components were made in Chris’ studio (now workshop), building of units happened in a disused cow shed that we were renting from a neighbor, and finally the packing and shipping was finished in Rik’s garage. The trio of locations was not ideal though, and it wasn’t long before we outgrew the ‘barn’ and had to think about a new place that we could call ‘Harvst HQ’.

As luck had it, a toolshop in the town (Cardigan) became available: it was perfect. Room for our units to be built, shipped, and displayed and even the ability to get some wi-fi!

Once the keys were in hand there was a long list of to-do’s, it was time to strip out the unit, move our entire operation five minutes down the road (a lot harder than we just made it sound), whilst also keeping up with all of the other day to day operations of running the business.

We’ve had just a couple of weeks to get the unit transformed from what was a tool shop into a workspace for the Harvst team. With everything set up inside it was time for the most exciting part – the shop front! Situated next to El Salsa and Crwst in Cardigan town, you’ll now see the Harvst logo proudly displayed outside the building. The move has meant we’ve been able to work on some exciting changes to the Harvst mini greenhouses as well as developing … but that’s all we’ll say for now.

Thanks to everyone who supported us during the moving process, this definitely isn’t the end of the Harvst expansion and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments as soon as we can. If you want to visit us at the new HQ (we’d love to see you), you can find directions to the workshop here.