Good Roots Barn; Harvst’s latest partner

Good Roots Barn; Harvst’s latest partner

Sandy Lipo, owner of Good Roots Barn has been practising a plastic free lifestyle for a number of years, with only one struggle – the garden! With an industry so dominated by plastic and the difficulty of finding alternatives, Good Roots Barn was born!

“With a little encouragement, I started Good Roots Barn in August 2020, to provide plastic free alternative gardening supplies.” says Sandy. “I want to enjoy gardening, along with many other people I’m sure, with the peace of mind that I’m not adding to the ever increasing plastic pollution and environmental impact we are having on our planet.”

When embarking on any partnership it’s important to remain loyal to your values and ethos. After many discussions with us, Good Roots Barn found that many of their values aligned with ours, despite our (small) use of plastic – and the journey began!

Here at Harvst, we ensure 99% of our consumer packaging is made from recycled or recyclable materials, including the polycarbonate panels which are made from recycled plastic, as well as choosing robust construction materials that are perfect for the job, yet easily re-used, recycled or reabsorbed into the earth.

Here are just a few examples of what we share in common with Good Roots Barn and how these values can be achieved using our sophisticated mini greenhouses;

  • To grow more home produce
  • To grow fresher food all year round
  • Lower your carbon footprint with less food miles
  • No pesticides
  • A platform to teach our young growers
  • To engage with nature
  • Circular economy reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Save water
  • Save energy
  • Eat healthy
  • Help protect our soils

Interested in being part of our partnership programme? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re really happy to be partnering with another business and would like to thank Sandy & Stuart at Good Roots Barn for working with us! These guys really know their stuff, and we’re really pleased they love the concept of the S-Series just as much as we do.

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