Grow better plants with greenhouse heating

Although it’s possible to grow all year round in an unheated greenhouse, adding greenhouse heating will make a huge difference in the winter months. Plants grow much better with in a greenhouse with added heating, and you can start growing much earlier in the year than you would be able to in an unheated greenhouse!

The temperature is monitored by the Harvst smart control system, keeping your S-Series warm enough for germinating and growing, 365 days a year. 

Even if the temperature outside is freezing, the inside of your mini greenhouse will be warm enough for plants to keep growing. Out climate control models are fitted with safe, low voltage heater cables, meaning the air and soil inside is kept to an optimum temperature for your plants. 

The heater cable

When you opt for an S-Series Mini Greenhouse, it will come with a IP67 rated waterproof 12v heating cable. This is great for warming up the interior of your greenhouse, running under growing containers, or for laying in the soil under the greenhouse. Supplied as a 3m length, it’s strong, waterproof and reliable.

The heater cable is self-regulating, which means it stays at a constant temperature regardless of the ambient temperature. On a colder day, it will use more power to stay warm, and on a warmer day, it will use less. The target temperature is approximately 50 degrees.

We recommend running the cable along the shelves under your growing trays to warm the soil. You should ensure it doesn’t come into direct contact with roots or plants.