Greenhouse Temperature Control

Plants grow a lot better at the right temperature. In the summer, your Harvst greenhouse will keep your plants cool with a large, automatically opening lid to vent hot air. The twinwall polycarbonate panels also provide some shading while still letting in the light. As we vent the entire roof on the Harvst mini-greenhouse, this additional size allows better and more effective cooling than a standard greenhouse roof vent meaning your plants are kept at or near your target temperature

In the late autumn, winter and on into spring, or for germinating seedlings, additional warmth can be provided on Standard models using heated seed trays or heater cables which plug directly into the Harvst control unit. They are low voltage, fully waterproof, and designed to be used in a wet environment.

Take a look at our Heated Greenhouse options on our 4×2 ft Yard model and our 6×2 ft Terrace model

Using the heater elements of the Harvst system allows you to fully control the temperature of your growing containers in each growing Zone and put in up to 75W of heater energy.  Two growing zones are set in each Harvst greenhouse and equipped with a soil moisture and temperature sensor to indicate the temperature of each zone.   You set the temperature required on your app and your control unit does the rest regulating the temperature of the heated containers in that zone.