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Harvst YARD mini greenhouse
Harvst TERRACE mini greenhouse

Our Mini Greenhouses  are a  complete growing system that are equipped with smart technology to take the hard work and repetitive tasks out of gardening giving you more time and improving your chances of growing success.  Our compact systems allow you to grow in small spaces and still have a big effect whether you have a small balcony or a large garden. The Harvst greenhouse can really help you grow more.

All of our greenhouses feature automatic watering, and automatic ventilation to ensure that you plants stay watered all year round and cool when the sun comes out in the summer.  In addition, our main powered greenhouses or ‘heated’ greenhouses have the ability to add on heated seed trays and heated grow tubs as well as grow lights making growing all year round much easier.

Each greenhouse comes with its own app enabled control system that gives you the ability to manage the environment in which your plants grow from anywhere. With a variety of options to meet  a wide variety of growing needs, take a look in our shop for more details about the Yard and Terrace mini greenhouse.