Grow more

Harvst smart greenhouses help you be more productive. That means growing more, with less time, and less space. How does it all work?

A protected environment

Your plants won’t get blown around, chilled by winter winds, or be scorched by burning hot summer days.

Regular watering

Did you know that a regular watering schedule is one of the best ways to improve your success rates?


Everyone knows that most plants need a certain amount of warmth to grow well. At our latitude here in the UK, the summer months give plenty of warmth and light, but in the winter everything slows down. Many seeds won’t germinate in winter, and if they do, they won’t last long.

Our smart greenhouses can be fitted with heating to keep temperatures up.


Just as plants need heat, they need plenty of light. Again, the summer months and long days provide that light, but as you move into Autumn, through Winter, and into Spring, the sun is just too low in the sky and the days are too short to get much growth.

With Harvst waterproof LED grow lights, which fit perfectly into our smart greenhouses, you can give your plants an extra boost. Combined with heating, you can grow salads all year round.