H-Series is LIVE on Kickstarter

H-Series is LIVE on Kickstarter

Launch of our H-Series indoor growing system is LIVE!


What is the H-Series?


The H-Series is an automatic, self-contained system for growing herbs, salads and microgreens indoors, at any time of year. Using LED grow lights, hydroponics and soil-less techniques, it’s really easy to produce nutritious food just feet from your kitchen table.

No need for a garden. No need for summer weather. Just plug in, add seeds, water and nutrients, and you’re off.

What is Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, a bit like an online shop, but where you join others who are interested in a new product, to pledge for rewards (which are the H-series, and its baby cousin the H-mini). If the total of rewards hits our funding target, we can commit to production and tooling costs for the first batch. It means we can spend the extra effort designing, testing and tweaking to make a brilliant product, knowing that we have people ready and waiting.


By being an early adopter, you get a super discount. Pledging on launch day will give you 35% off retail prices and a planned shipping date before Christmas … but you’ll need to be prompt. The campaign starts on Monday and there are limited numbers at the full launch day discount. The campaign will remain open until the 15th of November, and lower discounts are still available if you pledge later in the campaign.