The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Typical water butt setup. rainwater harvesting

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

It’s safe to say that rainwater harvesting has been pretty easy over the last few months. With wetter winters keeping Britain’s water butts filled to the brim, it may seem surprising that water scarcity is also a problem in the UK. The International Panel on Climate Change report that global warming is significantly increasing the risk of droughts and water shortages in the future, even in our famously wet climate. Longer dry spells in the summer and increasing pressure on our water supplies mean it’s becoming ever more important to save this precious resource where we can.
With the future promising more frequent hosepipe bans and less of the wet stuff to go around in general, setting your garden up to collect as much rainwater as possible is a really good idea. That way, you can keep your plants watered more efficiently and do your bit for the environment.

Garden rainwater collection
Many people already have some sort of rainwater collection system in the garden, whether it’s a simple water butt catching runoff from a downpipe or something slightly more sophisticated, like our Harvst tanks. Whatever system you use, harvesting rainwater is a practical alternative to using mains water as:
• It’s free!
• It’s natural and untreated
• It saves resources that are already stretched, helping the environment
• It redirects runoff and helps with more efficient drainage of heavy downpours

Having an effective rainwater catchment system in place should provide you with enough water for the majority of the year. While you may have to do the occasional top-up from the mains in particularly dry weather, using rainwater runoff can help you make significant savings on overall consumption and lower your water bill.

Rainwater harvesting and sustainable growing
Sustainable growing is at the heart of what we do here at Harvst. From the very start, we wanted to help gardeners throughout the UK grow their own food in the most viable and environmentally friendly way possible. Naturally, designing a smarter way to harvest and use rainwater efficiently is something we’ve put a lot of time and thought into.
Every Harvst Mini Greenhouse has guttered roof panels that channel rainwater directly into a tank. These tanks can be located within the greenhouse or externally depending on the amount of space available. Once, the rainwater has been collected, our smart system is designed to get the optimum use from what’s in the tank, with sensor-controlled irrigation systems using only what’s needed to water plants. The system will even email you to let you know when your tank needs topping up. For us, it’s all about conserving resources and making sure every drop counts.

Making the most of our natural resources
So, if you haven’t already got a rainwater collection system in your garden, why not set one up? It can be as simple or as fancy as you like. If you have enough space, an old dustbin tucked under the guttering might do the job. If space is an issue, an in-built system Harvst system could be a more practical alternative. While it might not seem like much individually, perhaps if we each do our own little bit to conserve water resources, together we can make a bigger difference.
If you’d like to know more, hop over to our information page on our mini greenhouse rainwater collection system or get in touch for a chat.