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Harvst aims to help you to grow more with greater success, by supporting you every step of the way.  To do this, we’ve developed the Harvst gardening app which helps you record your data so that you know what was planted, where and when.

As your seedlings germinate, need thinning and then transplanting, the Harvst app guides you through the growing process. We’ll provide tips, suggestions and feedback based on what you are growing. At any time, you can easily see which plants are working well for you, to help with your next seed and plant order, your next visit to the garden centre, or for the next time you try that plant or crop.

The app is free to use. Just register here and get going in minutes.

It’s not just free, we’re giving stuff away too:

Because it’s a new app, we are especially keen to hear your thoughts and feedback, so for the first 30 active users we will extend a 1 year, 10% discount offer on all products on our website and send you a free Harvst decal*.  

You are eligible for your 10% discount as long as you are regularly using the app and providing feedback. You’ll need to be logging in at least once a week and recording how your plants are doing. As for feedback? We love it all: feature suggestions, criticism, praise. Just let us know; we’re building this for you!

There are no in-app purchases or advertising, just growing loveliness. Come help us, grab some bargains and begin growing smarter.



*United Kingdom users only, for now.