Harvst launches partnership with Frankton’s

Harvst launches partnership with Frankton’s

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Frankton’s, the first-choice retailer for gardeners who want to make more conscious and sustainable purchases.

Frankton’s have a focus on ‘sensible’ sustainability. This means that they sell all of the products that gardeners normally need, but find alternatives for those that are harmful to the environment. For example, they exclude products made from single-use plastic but provide alternatives made from recycled plastics. More and more products are being added as they become available.

Paul Kelly, Managing Director says ‘Harvst and Frankton’s share the same environmental ethos, which is so important to us. We both focus on high-quality, long lasting products with consideration given from start to finish about their environmental impact. We gardeners are instinctively conscious about the environment. It’s fair to demand that companies providing these products share the same outlook, and Harvst is an industry leader in this field’.

The team at Frankton’s really know their stuff when it comes to sustainable gardening and we are so pleased that our Mini Greenhouses are the newest addition to their site.

Based on the Cheshire-Shropshire border, Frankton’s supply over 700 product lines nationally from their website, and are trusted by their customers for their personal customer service and attention to detail.

We’re really happy to be partnering with another business and would like to thank the team at Frankton’s for working with us! These guys really do know their ‘sensible sustainability’ and we’re so pleased they love the concept of S-Series just as much as we do.

Interested in being part of our partnership programme? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!