Why sustainability lies at the heart of the Harvst way of life

The sustainability of our food supply matters to all of us. How we choose to feed ourselves now has significant implications for future generations and the planet. 

At Harvst, the sustainability of our products and creating an environmentally conscious ‘grow your own’ community is at the heart of our values. As a business, we consider the social and environmental impact of every single element of our products and processes, from design and performance to materials and packaging.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

‘Throwaway’ is not in our vocabulary.

We firmly believe in the concepts of the circular economy. All our products are carefully crafted to have an efficient and sustainable life cycle; that means we aim to, wherever possible:

  • Choose robust construction materials that are perfect for the job, yet easily re-used, recycled or reabsorbed into the earth. 
  • Operate a re-manufacturing policy, whereby used products can be returned and repurposed.
  • Work with suppliers to reduce plastic and waste throughout our supply chain.
  • Ensure 99% of our consumer packaging is made from recycled or recyclable materials.
  • Constantly strive to improve our sustainability.
  • Working with other businesses to encourage them to recycle their own materials to use in their packaging.
  • We have formalised that commitment through signing up to the Welsh Government’s Green Growth Pledge and we will later be seeking more formal environmental accreditation.

Helping you live more sustainably

We’re passionate about helping people fulfil their dream of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Joining the Harvst community can help you:

  • Reduce food waste: only grow what you need and harvest as you go.
  • Cut down on food miles: a quick stroll into the garden for your salad is far less carbon intensive than shipping it from afar.
  • Reduce plastic and packaging waste: pick your fruits and vegetables directly from the greenhouse and eliminate all that unnecessary wrapping.
  • Save water: rainwater collection and intelligent watering systems mean you use just enough water and no more. You are also reducing pressure on the mains water system saving energy.
  • Save energy: with the option to run off-grid from a solar panel, the control unit and irrigation pump can be powered by pure sunshine.
  • Eat healthily: maintain soil quality, control pesticide use and eat fresher fruits and vegetables, straight from garden to plate.
  • Help protect our soils: it may be a drop in the ocean, but nurturing our own gardens might just be a start in helping to combat global soil depletion.
  • Educate future generations: give your children the opportunity to learn about the food they eat and the importance of a sustainable, ethical supply.

To start your sustainable living journey, why not take a look at our Harvst product range or get in touch for a chat to see how we can help?

And if you want to follow the grow your own gardening experiences of the Harvst community, visit our blog page, and sign up for our newsletter.