Harvst wins The Eden Project stamp of approval


Harvst wins The Eden Project stamp of approval

The Eden Project is a visitor destination, cultural venue and global garden which showcases our dependence on plants, and demonstrates technological ingenuity and the regeneration of landscapes and livelihoods. 

They are a growing movement, developing projects locally, nationally and internationally. Their work is underpinned by the understanding that we need to live with the grain of nature and that everything is interconnected. 

We are the earth. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.

Environmentalist, David Suzuki

Taking an empty disused quarry to where it is now, is testament to not only what’s possible from a growing perspective, but also to the incredible work that they have done at Eden over the last few decades. If you want to see what’s likely to be the most impressive controlled growing environment you’ve ever seen and project as a whole, we highly recommend making a trip down there.

With shared visions and values around sustainability, our founding directors Chris and Aron went to meet with the guys to find out how we could support each other working towards our common goals.

The guys at Eden were fantastically supportive regarding Harvst’s mission to help people grow more whilst reducing food miles, waste, packaging and chemicals and will be collaborating with us on product development. 

Eden have bought an S24 4-Season Mini Greenhouse, and will be working with us on some shared education with the public and some more trailing with students.

We are more than delighted to be supporting Eden with our Sprout mini greenhouse and WaterMate products, that you’ll be able to see over the coming months as part of their Global Garden.

The sustainability of our products is at the heart of our values at Harvst. We consider the social and environmental impact of every single element of our products and processes – from design and performance to materials and packaging, and that’s why we think collaborating with The Eden Project is a wonderful next step. 

We are inspired by the work The Eden Project does on regenerative sustainability and we’re honoured to have their stamp of approval on our growing environments.

If we all do our bit, we can actively ‘make things better, not just less bad’.