3-season heated greenhouses

Our 3-season heated greenhouse range is fitted with built-in self watering and heating to keep your plants growing healthily all year round.

Temperature is monitored by the smart control system (which also does the self-watering), keeping your soil warm enough for germinating and growing 365 days a year.

  • Premium mini greenhouse, made in UK
  • Automatic opening, keeps plants cool in summer.
  • Smart self watering, for your peace of mind.
  • Heated & thermostatically controlled.
  • Mains powered.
  • Manage and monitor with the Harvst app.

“Such a brilliant concept. Why has no-one done this before? Not only can I start my seedlings much earlier, I can keep everything outside in the yard without my husband getting annoyed with me leaving soil in the house!” Katy Dean, from Gloucester (a proud S6 owner)

The 3-season Sprout S6 is a miniature heated greenhouse which can be put outside, or in a regular greenhouse or polytunnel for starting those seeds extra early, and growing salads and herbs all year round.

The 3-season Sprout S10 has larger capacity for the same small footprint. With the supplied two shelves, there’s space for six seed trays. Add another two shelves for ten trays in total.

Capable of growing a good amount of greens for a couple.

The 3-season Sprout S14 is a little larger again, designed to fit under a window against a wall or shed. With the single supplied shelf it has a capacity of 4 seed trays on a shelf and 5 on the ground.

With an extra 5-tray shelf added, it can take 14 trays.

Our largest mini greenhouse, the Sprout S24 3-season model comes with two shelves; giving a capacity of 14 trays.

With space for two extra 5-tray shelves, you can fit 24 in total.

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