harvst is GO

And so it begins! We now have a website to start promoting our new brand of self-watering, automated mini greenhouses.

Exciting times ahead for Harvst.

So why are we doing this? How is Harvst different?

Mini greenhouses are commercially available which would be suitable for a grower with limited space (perhaps a Victorian terrace back yard). Harvsters (our form of mini greenhouse) sit towards the top end of what is available on the market, with added features.


Self watering systems are also available, but none are supplied as part of a package with a specifically designed greenhouse. Harvst has other benefits over these timers. Harvst is smart irrigation; monitoring soil moisture and temperatures to deliver just the right amount of water to your plants.


Grow lights are available for indoor use, but not suitable for use in a wet or damp environment with limited space. Harvst grow lights are powered by the built-in low voltage control unit. Safe and compact, and designed for the combined Harvster package.


Seedling propagators and heat mats are available to get seeds started earlier; but again these are not ideal for outdoor or wet area use as they are mains powered. Harvst heated seedling trays are powered by the built-in control unit; easy, safe and convenient. You also have the added benefit of precise temperature control and monitoring.

Harvst provides an all-in-one climate controlled mini greenhouse with automatic opening vents, built-in irrigation system and smart control all in the same package.

Collects rainwater

Nature's irrigation.

The larger Harvsters have built in rainwater collection, which means they can run unattended off-grid for reasonable periods.

Temperature controlled

Keep your veg cosy, or cool.

You don't want your plants too hot or too cold; Harvst takes care of that for you with a climate controlled, protected environment.

Internet connected

Control your Harvster via web app.

We're going way beyond dumb greenhouses here. You can view all your Harvster data online, and control everything via web app.