Home grown plants for everyone.

Here at Harvst we want to help more people grow their own plants at home. It’s fun, satisfying, therapeutic. You know what’s going into your food. You’re reducing the miles that plants or veg otherwise take. You’re teaching your kids about plants, growing and the environment.

But not everyone has the luxury of a large garden, or space for a greenhouse, or the time to put into watering every day in summer.

Our self-watering, climate controlled, automatic cold frames provide a compact, productive environment where you can grow flower, herbs and vegetables quickly, easily, all year round.

They do the watering for you. They even collect rainwater if you don’t have an outside hose. They keep your plants cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. You can fit LED grow lights for more greens, even sooner. And if you don’t have power in the garden, there’s an off grid option too.

All our Harvst mini greenhouses work with the Harvst app so you can monitor and control conditions from wherever you are… you’ll even get a text message if your dahlias gets too hot. You’ll feel much more connected to the environment, and there are tons of educational opportunities for kids

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