How do I water my garden during a hosepipe ban?

How do I water my garden during a hosepipe ban?

During long periods of dry weather and drought conditions, local water companies may choose to implement a hosepipe ban. Although, as the term suggests, you can’t use a hosepipe to water your garden during enforcement, there are still other ways to make sure your garden and plants get the water they need.

How can I water my garden during a hosepipe ban?

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems have always been exempt from hosepipe bans and are likely to continue to be exempt. Modern drip irrigation systems like our WaterMate are extremely efficient in the distribution of water and on average, saves between 70-90% of water compared with hand watering. Although a drip irrigation system in a hosepipe ban is a great alternative, they are also one of the best ways to water your plants. Allowing them to receive consistent moisture throughout the year, a drip irrigation system can take some of the workload off you! Water on the leaves of your plants will not help them during this hot weather. The water on the surface of a plant is the first to evaporate, so you must ensure you are getting water to the very base of the plant where it can reach the root system. A drip irrigation system like our WaterMate, can help you do this so your plants, the environment, and your water bill can benefit.

The simplest and easiest way to get a quick, drip irrigation system is to purchase a ready-to-use kit. We have two WaterMate kits which are suitable to use in a hosepipe ban; the WaterMate Mini for small greenhouses, and the WaterMate Pro for larger greenhouses and polytunnels. You can use them in your garden, or across your flower beds too.

Watering cans & containers

You can still use a watering can or bucket to water your garden as the ban only applies to the use of a hosepipe. Although this is a work-around, this can be time-consuming, cumbersome and heavy – particularly if you have a big garden or thirsty vegetable crops. Doing this job manually will make you more aware of how much water you actually use.

Use domestic waste water

Domestic waste water, known as ‘grey water’ can be used in the garden. Grey water, is water that comes from your shower, bath, kitchen and washing machine. Soil and potting composts are effective at filtering out any soaps or detergents so no worries there!

When trying to use less water in your garden, try and prioritise plants such as young shrubs and seedlings who won’t survive without water. Lawns are very resilient, and although in extended periods of summer drought, your lawn may turn brown and stop growing, it will usually recover quickly when rain starts to fall again.

The main benefits of a drip irrigation system

Automatic watering

One of the stipulators when using a drip irrigation system in a hosepipe ban, is to use a water timer. With a Harvst WaterMate you can fully automate your watering schedule – done via timers and environmental sensors to give your plants just the right amount of water. Good for your plants, good for the environment.

Reduced water consumption

Typically, a drip irrigation system is 70-90% more efficient than using a hosepipe. Not only do we get to skirt around the hosepipe ban, we’re helping the environment by using less water, and therefore saving on our bills too! With a WaterMate from Harvst, you can pump water from a tank which means you can empty your grey water in there too!

Easy installation & management

An irrigation system can usually be installed in a few hours (dependant on size!). A WaterMate comes with everything you need to get your drip irrigation system set up, so grab a Mini or Pro now.

With a WaterMate, you can manage your watering from anywhere. Controlled by a web-app, you can set your watering schedule to whatever suits you. Plus, it can all change so easily by the click of a button – want to increase how long to water for? Click! Want to change what time your watering begins? Click! Going on holiday and need to change your whole schedule from the airport? Click! Unlike many other automatic irrigation systems on the market, the Harvst system lets you control your timings down to one second of run time. Efficient watering really couldn’t be easier.

Why choose a Harvst WaterMate?

  • Dual watering zones for versatility and extra capacity
  • Pipes, hose, drippers & sprayers included, so you can get going straight away
  • Smart, sensor based watering with remote management and monitoring through our web-app
  • Solar powered so you can install it anywhere – and it’s good for the environment (we do offer mains though if you prefer!)
  • Email alerts to keep you informed

You should check the rules in your area to see what rules apply in your area in the event of a hosepipe ban. Unless specifically prohibited, many other uses of a garden hose are allowed during a hosepipe ban for example; filling fish ponds and hosing down pets & livestock.

You can read more about our WaterMate here.