How to Grow Pea Shoots

Homegrown pea shoots on a black concrete background

How to Grow Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are the absolute easiest thing you can grow! They are fantastic for small spaces, low light levels, grow incredibly fast, taste delicious and are rich in Vitamin C, A and protein. As if that wasn’t enough the seeds are really cheap to buy but a bag of pea shoots in the supermarket is not. They are also great for kids to sow as their little hands can handle the larger seeds well. Sow now and in 2 or 3 weeks you can start harvesting!


Dried whole peas sold for cooking are best to use as they are much cheaper than buying seeds. Only use these to grow pea shoots though. You can soak the peas for 24hrs but it is not necessary as they will germinate well regardless. 

Use any container that you have available but make sure there are drain holes at the bottom. Fill it with compost and then give the compost a good water. Spread the seeds on top of the compost close together but leave a little gap between them if you can as they swell. Cover the seeds with a 0.5cm layer of compost, press it down slightly so that the peas get good contact with the soil and water again.

Plant care 

All you have to do is keep the compost moist. Nothing else!


In 2-3 weeks the shoots will have grown 10cm tall and are ready to be eaten! It is best to eat them when they’re young as they can go a bit stringy when taller. Harvest by pinching or cutting off each shoot just above the bottom leaves because some of the pea shoots will regrow to give you a second harvest.

Watch out! 

Do not overwater, especially if it’s cold as it will make the seeds rot.

Pro Tip

They grow very fast and if you have missed the ideal harvest time and they have gone slightly stringy then make a pesto! It is delicious.

Recommended Varieties

Any peas can be used but whole dried supermarket ones are by far the best value.