Cultivate fresh veg indoors with hydroponics

Elevate your homegrown produce to new heights with the Harvst H-Series Indoor Garden – where innovation meets nature.

Embarking on your indoor gardening journey has never been easier. We have drawn upon our expertise in automated gardening solutions to allow you to seamlessly integrate fresh produce cultivation into your busy lifestyle, year-round, with minimal effort on your part. The H-Series does everything for you, apart from sowing the seeds.

The Harvst H-Series of indoor grow systems combines a smart nursery for effective germination and versatile levels with automatic watering and grow lights to nurture a wide range of crops, from crisp salads and lush leafy greens to delicate microgreens and beyond. It’s never been easier to grow indoors!

An indoor garden turns food miles into metres 

The H-Series is a versatile, productive, and fun way to provide continuous, nutritious food for you and your family, all year round. We designed the H to easily incorporate itself into your home.

There are 2 options: H-Series and H-Mini.

  • H-Series Indoor Garden


H-Series Indoor Garden Accessories

  • H-Series mid-tier shelf kit

  • H-Series floor cabinet

  • H-Series windows and fans kit

  • H-Series front window only


H-Mini Indoor Garden Accessories

  • Formulex

  • H-Mini extra growing level

  • H-Mini 12-pod hydroponics bundle

  • H-Series microgreens kit – single

  • H-Mini Countertop Indoor Garden


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