Introducing the S-Series Smart Mini Greenhouse

Introducing the S-Series Smart Mini Greenhouse

As a start-up, the team at Harvst is always innovating. We are excited to announce the S8 and S16 climate controlled smart mini greenhouses! This S-Series range of mini greenhouse propagation machines are all Climate Control (CC) systems which include automated lighting, heating, and watering.

This groundbreaking greenhouse is designed to empower both novice and expert gardeners with a wealth of features that foster optimal plant growth throughout the year.

Greenhouse Features

100% Recycled Clear Acrylic Glazing
Adjustable Modular Support Shelves
Automated LED Grow Lights
Improved Storm Lock System
Automated Heating and Cooling
Black Rear Panels to Capture Warmth
Powder Coated Heavy Duty Shelves
Fewer Fixings For Fast Assembly
Automated Drip Irrigation System
By Mass - 76% Recycled Material

Our ‘Sprout’ lines are being permanently discontinued as of November 1st, 2023. But don’t fret! We will continue to service and provide parts for these models to support our current growers. S-Series Mini Greenhouses are now available for pre-order and will be shipped at the end of November 2023.

With the Smart Outdoor Greenhouse, you’re investing in more than just a structure. You’re investing in a transformative gardening experience. Unleash the potential of your plants with the perfect balance of nature and technology, all in one remarkable package. Start your journey towards an abundant, year-round harvest today.