Harvst H-Series Indoor Grow System

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How much can you grow?

We’ve developed the most versatile indoor grow system on the market to support a wide range of produce cultivation. Whether you’re an aspiring gardener taking your first steps or a seasoned horticulturist, we’ve meticulously designed our system to streamline the journey from seed to plate.

Garden space has been maximised to fit up to 90 lettuce-sized plants in net cups, or over 400 seedlings in compact trays in our H3 indoor grow system. This means that once you get started, you could grow as much as two bags worth of lettuce per week, year-round. This saves not only the plastic and food waste that comes with store-bought greens, but also reduces your carbon footprint.

How does it work?

Embarking on your gardening journey has never been easier. We have drawn upon our expertise in automated gardening solutions to allow you to seamlessly integrate fresh produce cultivation into your busy lifestyle, year-round, with minimal effort on your part.

The H-series does everything for you, apart from sowing the seeds!

  • Built-in nursery provides ideal germination conditions
  • Auto-watering system keeps plants hydrated
  • LED grow lights provide all the light your plants need
  • Add-on windows and heating available for colder locations and seasons
  • Optionally, monitor all this remotely with our user-friendly app

Your plants begin life in the smart nursery; a temperature controlled space with dedicated seedling light. Once they have germinated and developed their first set of “true leaves”, it’s time to move them into the hydroponic growing trays.

Hydroponic growing means no soil is needed—plants can be grown with clean, inert, and reusable growing media such as coir or clay balls. 

We’ve made it really easy to get your indoor gardening journey started. All H-series are supplied with coir pellets, net cups, and holder trays; great for a range of plants from herbs (basil) to salads (lettuce) to leafy greens (spinach and chard).

As you get more experienced, or fancy trying something different, you can expand your system to include other growing methods such as full seed trays, pots or microgreen mats. How you grow is up to you (but we’re also here to guide you along the way!). Our specially-designed trays accommodate a huge range of growing methods easily, fitting standard sized pots and garden trays for maximum versatility.

The system operates quietly and efficiently, drawing water from a tank in the base and circulating it through the unit. Its near-silent operation ensures that it won’t disrupt your daily routine, quietly tending to your plants in the background.

The H-series hydroponics system is a hybrid of flood-and-drain and NFT; nutrient-rich water is pumped around the roots for a given period, and then drains away afterwards. We’ve found that this is the best technique for a wide range of plants, and requires the least input, which also means it’s the easiest for you.

Don’t want to use your phone? Monitor your garden with the built-in screen!