Extend the growing season with artificial greenhouse lighting

Artificial greenhouse lighting

If you want to try your hand at growing all year round, you’ll need to provide some extra light for your plants on those short winter days. Grow lights will give your plants a well-needed boost, at any time of year.

Harvst LED grow lights are low voltage, fully waterproof units designed specifically for the Harvst growing system. They plug directly into the control unit and are controlled by a timer which you can run twice a day, meaning you can easily extend the daylight hours for your plants!

If you were to invest in as S-Series Mini-Greenhouse with added grow lights, you would find growing in the winter months much easier. Artificial greenhouse lighting will increase your chances of a fruitful harvest during the slower months. 

The LED grow lights we use in our mini-greenhouses are to replace or supplement natural light. They emit the right wavelength of light to accurately mimic daylight, meaning you can grow all year round with ease.  Efficiency are at the core of our LEDs, more light and less heat to keep your plants fed without the risk of burning.

Grow lights can be used throughout the year, not just in the darker months! In the run up to Spring, greenhouse lighting can help start off Spring seedlings much earlier than you would be able to plant without the additional lighting.

Our 10W LED strip lights fit to the underside of the S-Series shelves and provide lighting for the shelf below, as well as heating for the shelves above. Using LED technology, you get a remarkable amount of light for a small amount of watts. An S8 mini greenhouse uses just 80W, and an S16 uses less then 160W!

These LED grow lights would be a welcome addition to your growing environment, especially during the winter months when the days are short and the natural light levels are low.

Lights are rated for 50,000 hours and feature a 1-year warranty.

Fantastic mini-greenhouse! I've got the Sprout S10 and it's remarkable how much you can grow in it. The plants are loving the constant optimum conditions too 😁