LED growlights help you grow more, all year round.

If you want to try your hand at growing all year round, then you’ll need to provide some extra light for your plants on those short winter days. 

Or perhaps you only have a north facing patch in a yard to do your gardening. Grow lights will give your plants a boost there, at any time of year.

Harvst LED grow lights are low voltage, fully waterproof units designed specifically for the Harvst growing system. They plug directly into the control unit and are controlled by an on-board timer – which you can run twice a day.

Strip LED grow lights, 10W

Designed for the Sprout 4-season mini greenhouses, fitting directly to the shelves.

Our 10W LED strip lights fit to the underside of the mesh shelves and provide lighting for the shelf below, as well as heating for the trays/pots/plants above.

We recommend a minimum of two lights per shelf (which are ~28cm apart and can fit two standard seed trays), but you can add as many as you like, up to a maximum of 12 per control unit (depending on what heating you are also running).

11,000 lum at 20cm. 50cm light strip. Available in white or full-spectrum. 60cm cable.

Flexible stalk LED growlights, 25W

For illuminating the top shelf of a Harvst mini greenhouse, or for strong extra light on a single tray or plant.

A more powerful light, the 25W stalk grow light has a versatile mounting clamp and 30cm flexible neck.

Fixes to a shelf, the edge of a growing container, or to the inside of a Harvst mini greenhouse frame.

Up to six 25W lights can be powered from the Harvst control unit, depending on what heating you also have connected.

18,000 lum at 20cm. 70cm cable.

LED grow light FAQs

Do LED growlights actually work?

Yes! We have a set of mini greenhouses inside our workshop for test purposes, and there’s almost no natural light. All the photos you see on this page are of plants that have been grown inside our workshop in a Sprout mini greenhouse.

What happens if I overload the control unit?

The power supply will safely cut-out if you plug in too many lights. It will restart again as soon as the power drain falls below the limit of 150W.

How much heat do the LED grow lights give off?

The lights give off a decent amount of heat. You won’t burn yourself, but the lights will get hot to the touch. We find that the heat keeps the greenhouse nicely warm all through winter, and if you use them in warmer weather, the greenhouse automatic opening lid can be used to regulate the maximum temperature of the interior.

What can I grow with grow lights?

We find that most leafy greens and salads thrive under lights. Make sure you get enough light to the leaves without getting them too hot. When the seedlings are small, raise the tray closer to the lights with a stand, and as the leaves grow, drop the tray.

Are the grow lights waterproof?

Yes, all our LED grow lights are waterproof. They should not be immersed in water, but they will be fine with prolonged direct irrigation from the Sprout watering system.

How do the grow lights connect together?

Light are sold in pairs and are provided with a splitter cable with three tails. This lets you connect two lights to the control unit, with a spare tail for the next pair of lights.