Rain: Nature’s irrigation.

Any self watering system needs a source of water. Not everyone has a garden hose or water butt, so we’ve designed the Harvst greenhouses  to collect rain water for you. Gutters on the roof panels channel water into a tank, from where it’s pumped into sprayers and misters inside the cold frame based on your choice of timing, or using soil moisture sensors (coming soon).

During the summer, it’s likely that you don’t get enough rain to keep the plants watered, so you’ll need to fill the tank by hand from time to time. The Harvst smart control system can be set up to send you an email and a text message when the tank is running low.

How long will a tank go without rain?

This depends entirely on where you live, how much rain you get, and how much you choose to water, of course. Our data suggests that a 25 litre tank will last 7-10 days of efficient sprinkling and dripping. Choosing shorter irrigation cycles with drippers rather than sprayers will help you save water. You can add larger tanks to store more water and go for longer between topping up.

With the Harvst Terrace greenhouse, you can collect a full 25 litre tank of water in 24 hours of decent rainfall.

Yard greenhouse gutter and rain catcher